A 2017 Forecast: Stories about Fact, Fiction, Good, and Evil: Part Three

By Richard John Stapleton Following is an excellent article, a magnum opus, by James Howard Kunstler based on his study, analysis, and comprehension of relevant events around Spaceship Earth presenting his predictions for the US and other countries during 2017. Kunstler paints a generally true picture of worldwide states of affairs. No one knows what the probabilities are for any of his predictions coming true; but I would be willing to bet there is greater than a fifty-fifty chance for most of them. Kunstler has identified relevant issues around Spaceship Earth and has astutely connected the dots among them. His writing skills are superb. This is probably the most accurate, incisive, comprehensive, and educational macro-economic article I have read.  Putting events in historical context, it ties together what is happening now with what has happened in the past, so as to shine light into a dark, uncertain, and ominous future. Read all about it at: Forecast 2017: The Wheels Finally Come Off By James Howard Kunstler By clicking here: http://kunstler.com/clusterfuck-nation/forecast-2017-wheels-finally-come-off/#more-%27.