AS THE ROOSTER CROWS: A DIFFERENT GROUP FOR INCREASING HUMAN OKness is a work in progress. While settings, plots, theories, objects, and narratives in this novel may be loosely analogous to the same that have happened in various realities, the names, actions, and attributions of characters cast herein are fictional. All parts of this novel will be published in the Effective Learning Report at various intervals on the Internet, subject to revision at any time, hopefully culminating in a final print edition offered to the public.


The new and different computer-based system will be able to assimilate and accommodate forty group members and a group leader seated around the perimeter of one computer screen, with a colorful copper rooster standing in the center of the screen that will raucously crow when it spins to randomly-select and point out Leaders of the Moment to start democratic group discussions.

Systems vaguely similar to the new computer-based group management system now being constructed are already used by tv news networks. The new zoom technology is gaining acceptance, changing tv newscasting, and is being used by various individuals, groups, and organizations. Some tv networks are already doing something similar to what Rout conceived with three or four experts shown on tv screens at once who are zoomed into focus when they’re selected to say something by group leaders using various authoritarian algorithmic rules and criteria. 

The strangeness of the Game-free I’m OK—You’re OK process in the first two meetings caused Not-OKness to increase in most group members, but as the months rolled by the members began to experience increased OKness and satisfaction. Those entering the process with I’m Not OK—You’re OK; I’m Not-OK—You’re Not OK; and I’m OK—You’re Not OK life positions by the end of the last session generally spent more time in the I’m OK—You’re OK winner quadrant of the OK Corral, the upper right quadrant of a mathematical space encompassing two axes crossing at zero in the center of the space, with negative and positive OKness estimated west and east of origin on the horizontal axis and positive and negative OKness estimated north and south of origin on the vertical axis, with I being the vertical axis and You being the horizontal axis. Intersecting I and You positive or negative OKness combinations for specific individuals could exist at points in all four quadrants of the OK Corral.

OKness cannot be precisely measured, but it can be estimated by observing others and by self-evaluation. Most humans if they think about it know if they are OK or Not OK at any moment. OK relative to what? Relative to how OK one was yesterday, or six months ago? And how OK about what? Yes, estimating OKness has to be a subjective judgement call, but it can be done. It also can be done estimating how OK someone else is. Most humans can see and hear by observation when someone is OK or Not OK.

There are two basic types of OKness: Psychological and Social.

Social OKness is generally talked about.

Psychological OKness is generally not talked about.

In many cases humans are socially OK but psychologically abysmal.

Social OKness is based on fact relative to standards concerned with whether and to what degree goals, objectives, and missions have been achieved, such as whether someone has adequate food, clothing, and shelter. If someone is hungry, cold, and miserable it’s an objective fact s/he is Not OK. If someone is in acute physical pain caused by an accident, malnutrition, or disease s/he is Not OK. The same is true for individuals who cannot function in society because of emotional, mental, and behavioral disorders caused by traumatic genetic and social inheritances.  

Psychological OKness is a judgmental subjective opinion an individual holds regarding her/himself and others not based on current objective data and information that is concerned with focal points such as sex, gender, race, overall appearance, behavioral traits, personality traits, intelligence, knowledge, beliefs, abilities, and worthiness.     

Rout’s group members were all socially OK in the sense they were all functioning members of society and were getting their needs met at levels that provided OK levels of satisfaction, not great levels of satisfaction necessarily but OK levels. On the other hand, they all had life positions with respect to some humans that were non-I’m OK—You’re OK: regarding such things as races, sexual orientations, religions, abortions, economic classes, social classes, professions, and political parties. The members were unequally OK regarding all issues.

The members learned in Rout’s group how to transact with one another socially using I’m OK—You’re OK and Adult ego states and how not to play psychological Games; but their psychological structural programming and scripting was left largely intact. Some increases in psychological OKness probably happened over the course of the six once-a-month six-hour weekend meetings; but significantly changing psychological structural programming for all group members would take years of group sessions and more intimate discussions than what happened in Rout’s group.

Rout was surprised however at how quickly the group adapted to increase social OKness, proving in his mind and in the minds of a majority of his donor group that the random-selection democratic process used with humans from disparate walks of life has merit and would produce positive social results around Earth if it were widely used. He and the group donors decided this result was good enough to call The Group experiment a success, so they decided to disband the group permanently, deciding to focus instead on developing software for a new computer-based democratic Adult I’m OK—You’re OK Game-free system, in a new non-profit corporation Spaceship Earth, Inc., to change dysfunctional social level transactions around Spaceship Earth as soon and widely as possible, to encourage and foster liberty, equality, fraternity and general OKness.

Ideally the new computer-based Adult ego state Game-free system and fraternal democracy chapters will take root and evolve in usage around Spaceship Earth to produce results analogous to those produced by The Group, eventually evolving group participation by many millions of Earthian humans. What is the probability this will happen? Probably less than .25, but Rout and a majority of his donors thought the goal was worth pursuing. All the donors have a lot of money and they were glad to wager some of it on something that might produce truly significant social results for all Earthian humans. Some of the donors had already tried to no avail to get the I’m OK—You’re Not OK USian government to increase their income taxes to provide money for infrastructure projects to help lower-class and middle-class USian citizens; but this was prevented by I’m OK—You’re Not OK USian presidents and congress people who were financed by I’m OK—You’re Not OK elite rich citizens and large corporations (primarily repugnant Repugs but also dim Dems) who did not want their income taxes increased.

One donor thought the new proposed computer-based I’m OK—You’re OK democratic sortition discussion system might become the social equivalent of a Salk vaccine to prevent violence around Spaceship Earth. Without doubt the USian government is in need of such a process in all its branches, as are almost all Earthian governments; but the process is especially needed by the haughty high and mighty I’m OK—You’re Not OK USian government dealing with other nations, playing over and over since 1945 second and third-degree versions of the one-up psychological Game NIGYSOB, Now I’ve Got You, You SOB, using Not OK covert psychological sabotages, overt sanctions, bombing from the air, and shooting on the ground.

Thus far no tv network has set up a fully democratic Game-free I’m OK—You’re OK Spaceship Earth-type program with participants randomly-selected from disparate walks of real life who are randomly-selected as Leaders of the Moment in a group to start a democratic discussion of an existential Earthian problem, by defining and discussing a serious problem of the moment in her or his opinion happening anywhere around Spaceship Earth, that includes delineating alternatives for dealing with the problem and making recommendations for doing something about the problem.

After the The Truther randomly-selected Leader of the Moment decides to stop speaking, other group members will discuss the problem the leader brought up agreeing or disagreeing with what the leader said in the order in which they raise their hands until the discussion runs out of steam, at which time the rooster Truther will be spun again if time remains in the session, to randomly-select a new Leader of the Moment who will bring up and discuss a new problem. I’m OK—You’re Not OK group members who play filibuster-like psychological Games talking just for sake of talking or to sabotage the development of co-constructed consensual answers will be summarily stopped by a clanging cowbell. Miscreant members of the group will be removed from the screen and permanently banished from the group if they persist with their anti-social behavior.

How to reward participants is an issue. Will Earthian humans participate in such a system for strokes, belonging, structure, stimulation, recognition, personal achievement, and personal satisfaction? Can Earthian humans learn to look upon themselves as equal I’m OK—You’re OK stockholders of Spaceship Earth, Inc., co-constructing with fellow stockholders around Spaceship Earth democratic consensual answers for managing Spaceship Earth states of affairs from the bottom up?

Would Spaceship Earth fraternal chapter discussions be entertaining enough to be shown on tv networks?

Would members of the elite rich such as Harrison in Rout’s The Group learn to accept the computer-based system and the salutary benefits of the I’m OK—You’re OK Adult Game-free discussion process?

They might accept the system if they thought it might eventually lead to all Earthian humans receiving Spaceship Earth, Inc. dividend checks similar to those proposed in the essay, “The Evolution of Spaceship Earth, Inc.”, at

Not all members of Rout’s discussion group or the donor group agreed that The Group had been a success. A sizeable minority of both group members and donors were convinced The Group could not have been formed had the participants not been bribed with money to participate and the seeming OKness increases produced in the group was pseudo OKness that was produced not by genuine structural changes within the psyches of the participants but by Rout’s dictatorial rules and demeanor and his threats to banish participants if they refused to abide by the group’s I’m OK—You’re OK Adult ego state Game-free democratic rules and laws.

According to this view, fundamental laws of cause-effect human nature cannot be changed and as soon as the money is removed the participants of The Group will revert back to their previous levels of OKness or Not OKness. This view assumes humans are inherently mercenary and self-interested and will only do what they perceive will enhance their personal life positions, only doing what they think will do them some good.  Such a view proposes humans from the moment of birth are incessantly goaded into doing what they do by myriad differentiated inexorably progressing infinitely-regressive cause-effect chains in families and in myriad groups and organizations generating differentiated psychological and social script messages, rewards, and punishments that through time create internal psychological feeling, thinking, knowing, believing, and doing structures and programs in individual Earthian humans, that never change, barring force majeure events.

Rout and a small majority of his group members and donors agree with the proposition that individual Earthian humans are closed systems that cannot change using free will their subconscious feeling, thinking, and doing structures that have been introjected into, embedded, and ingrained in their brain cells through time; but they also believe—if external states of nature can be changed to some degree by current Adult I’m OK—You’re OK democratic co-constructed consensual answers—co-constructed by large numbers of Earthian humans from all walks of life correcting Not OK predetermined OKness positions, time structuring patterns, ego states, transactional patterns, Games, Rackets, script messages, and life scripts—Spaceship Earth can be saved. They think there is some chance the new Spaceship Earth Adult I’m OK—You’re OK democratic Game-free computer-based discussion system widely downloaded in computers around Spaceship Earth by I’m OK—You’re OK fraternal democracy chapters might cause I’m OK—You’re Not OK authoritarian psychological, social, economic, religious, educational, governmental, military, and political forces to change in such a way that human extinction might be prevented.

Some of the observable social OKness increases in The Group were probably caused by nothing more than the members being forced to communicate in Game-free I’m OK—You’re OK ways with humans from disparate social, economic, religious, and political walks and levels of life. This changed the state of nature for The Group members. Merely having lunch with and chit-chatting with uncommon and unequal group participants before and after group sessions caused many of The Group members to feel more OK about themselves and others. Whether they will revert back to their previous levels of OKness or Not OKness now that The Group has been disbanded, making them again fully dependent on their accidentally or inevitably-caused family members, friends, buddies, cliques, confidants, associates, bosses, gang members, church members, etc. for strokes, stimulation, recognition, belonging, structure, and money, remains to be seen.

I’m OK—You’re OK elite rich Earthian humans in their golden years bored with watching their investment accounts automatically increase by thousands and millions of dollars every year, billions a year in some cases, can gamble billions of their surplus dollars without jeopardizing their security donating to Spaceship Earth, Inc. to hire computer experts to flow chart and write code for the new Spaceship Earth computer-based Game-free I’m OK—You’re OK democratic consensual answer system; recruit, establish, and administer I’m OK—You’re OK Game-free fraternal democracy chapters around Spaceship Earth; purchase thousands of desktop computers for impoverished chapter members; and download the new program to millions of computers, to possibly prevent not only the extinction of homo sapiens but also the extinctions of millions of other species of fauna and flora living around Spaceship Earth.  

That’s a big bet worth taking. 


Richard John Stapleton, PhD, CTA, certified transactional analyst, educator, octogenarian emeritus professor of management, writer, editor and publisher at Effective Learning Company