Say it ain’t so, Joe: I’m afraid it is, kid, Trump will be president of the US

by Richard John Stapleton

November 9, 2016

Here are some articles from readers and writers of the New York Times. I agree with most of them.

It’s hard to believe Trump won the election.

I had no idea Trump had this kind of support. I advocated and voted for Jill Stein. I thought she might get five percent or more of the vote. not so. She was nowhere on the map. Never saw what percent she got. Must have been less than two percent. I figured Hillary would win no matter what, since Trump had shot himself in his foot and stuck his foot in his mouth so many times.

Not so.

History repeated itself. It was almost a dead tie in the popular vote. A friend told me a few minutes ago Hillary actually won the popular vote, but they were still counting. If so the problem is our bloody Electoral College, and our voters that do not vote for the right thing, or who do not vote at all. Probably about fifty percent of possible voters did not vote.

As usual Trump and Hillary got about twenty-five percent of the possible vote each. We are being ruled by a tryanny of the minority, as i pointed out in my article on this blog, “Say it aint so, Joe: Why Jill Stein should be elected president of the US.”

Our system of voting for president, senators, and representatives is obsolete and corrupted. Surely a parliamentary system would be better.

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