An interesting overview of recent US history

Following is a fascinating comprehensive well-written overview of US history from JFK to now that paints a non-mainstream media picture of major causes leading to the depressing choice US voters must make in the November 2016 presidential election.

Some of the article borders on conspiracy theory sensationalism such as you see in tabloid newspaper headlines at the checkout counter at grocery stores, but overall the article rings true. Give it a read. This article is not for children and the mentally impaired. It took courage for the author and the Intrepid Report to publish this.

The Bush-Clinton empire and criminal succession

By Larry Chin
Posted on September 26, 2016

Published in the Intrepid Report

Larry Chin is an associate editor at the Intrepid Report.

Read the article in full by clicking here.



So You’re Thinking of Voting for Trump?


Read this article by Nomi Prins, published in the Truth-Out internet journal, for a detailed understanding of just how disastrous and “evil” a Trump presidency could be.

Madoff in the White House? How Trump’s Conflicts of Interest Could Become Ours

Thursday, 29 September 2016 10:39

By Nomi Prins, TomDispatch | News Analysis

published in the Internet journal Truth-Out. To read this outstanding article in full, click here.



Dr. Jill Stein enters the debate

September 28, 2016

Here is the best interview, video, excepts about the debate Monday night I have seen, except here Dr. Jill Stein has been given her say, which the rigged two party system denied Monday night. Enjoy.

Expanding the Debate: Jill Stein Spars With Clinton and Trump (Part 2)

By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! | Video Interview.

Published in the Internet journal Truth-Out.

To hear the full video and read the transcript click here .


Recent Post

August 27, 2016
Why Obama Wants to Get the TPP Passed

When Obama first ran for president in 2007 he told us he was out to improve the plight of we the people, not the corporations and the elite rich.

For a while after he got elected it seemed he did intend to fulfill his promise, and maybe he tried, but he has done little good. There is scant evidence now he has done anything that has appreciably helped we the people. In general he has been a much better president than Bush II, the worst in my lifetime. He has not done something as stupid as start a war like the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but he has not done much to curtail our military activities benefiting the military-industrial establishment. Continue reading “Recent Post”

The Root of our Troubles

September 20, 2016
As I alluded to in my Stapleton Gallery post on my Facebook page most of the United States’s economic troubles in recent years have been caused by dysfunctional political systems. In order to get elected politicians have to raise money from the rich who demand lower taxes in return. Lower taxes for the rich have prevented using fiscal policies such as infrastructure projects to create good jobs and stimulate economies, forcing the Federal Reserve system to use monetary policies attempting to stimulate economies and create good jobs, which has not worked very well.

After creating trillions of digital monetary units by simply typing digits into computerized bank accounts and calling it money, and then “lending” this “money” to banks, traders and corporations at very low interest rates, what the Federal Reserve mainly accomplished was to inflate stock markets and bond markets, enriching some of the rich, but not helping the citizens needing good jobs very much.

The bottom line: the United States needs better voters who will elect better politicians who will vote in the interests of all voters and citizens. Unfortunately there are scant signs this will happen any time soon.