Do Your Duty! As an equal Spaceship Earth, Inc. stockholder, owning one imaginary share of stock, I hereby grant you, just like everybody else around Earth, tell other stockholders what you think the problems are, what the alternatives are, and what you think should be done to better manage Spaceship Earth, Inc.

Go to my Facebook Page  and say whatever you want to say in regard to anything I or anyone else has said on the Effective Learning Company website, including the Effective Learning Report and The Earthian.

Just type your response at the top of my Facebook Page where it says

What’s On Your Mind?

You can start a new conversation about a new topic, or you can respond to conversations others have started on the page.  I will respond to your post if I think a response is appropriate, as may others. 

But, Please, no ad hominem attacks, no slanders, no profanity. Say whatever you want to say in response to the facts of what was said, pro or con, but please no ad hominem attacks, i.e., don’t try to prove you are right in your argument by illogically attacking or slandering the personal characteristics, beliefs, feelings, or behaviors of the person you are arguing against.

As I read articles on the Internet during a month from various publications here and yon I post some of them to my Facebook page and then use most of them as sources for The Earthian, published about once a month.   After you get to the Facebook page you can find most of the articles listed as sources in The Earthianposted on the Facebook page, and you can respond beneath them with any comment you want to make about the article or what anyone has said about the article.

As a reincarnated Don Quixote I gain satisfaction from trying to give moral support to Earthians of any sort in their battles for survival, giving back a little in my retirement years, having survived many threats and battles in my long life, still standing in relatively good shape at age 80. I got bored with hunting, fishing, playing golf, and traveling some years ago, especially after being forced to obey and accept militaristic TSA attitudes, rules, intimidation, indignities, and stress to board airplanes, thanks to Bush II’s insane War on Terror, an aggressive offensive war that did irreparable harm to the social fabric of the US, not to mention the incomparably greater irreparable harm inflicted on millions of humans and other Earthians in other nations, caused by dropping bombs on them.

I have no desire to sell subscriptions or advertising or solicit donations for my blogs, but I would like to sell more books. If you feel you have gained value from my blogs or any page on our website and want to reciprocate please go to our Effective Learning Publications page , , or any brick and mortar bookstore and purchase one or more of my books.

Best wishes, RJS