by Courtenay Barnett

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today after a hiatus. Fortunately, we have now returned to the place of the almighty truth.

The sermon today shall dwell on racism, rationalisations and resentments and uses Her Majesty’s Government’s duplicity as examples in the field of legality and a resolute steadfastness to undermine the delivery of justice. Our points of reference shall be:-

The Mau Mau case ( i.e. the Compensation claims for torture, rape, wrongful detention and forced labour brought by 40,000 Kenyans who alleged that they were mistreated by British officials).

The Diego Garcia disgraceful conduct ( i.e. the depopulation of the Chagossians from the Chagos Islands to ensure that Her Majesty’s Government received Polaris missiles).

The Matrix Churchill case ( i.e. The Arms-to-Iraq affair concerning the uncovering of the government-endorsed sale of arms by British companies to Iraq after having declared war on that country).

The Skripal incident ( i.e. Prime Minister Theresa May’s support for the bombing of Syria based on the claim that Russia was behind the poisoning of Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter).

 The attempted denial of persons of Caribbean heritage to their British pension rights.

Merely five(5) points of reference to illustrate not merely the historical – but also – the contemporary consistency in corrupt practices emanating from the highest levels of government and the judiciary in Britain.

Mau Mau

So HMG finds Her benighted self in Kenya, robbing and looting as is her wont. In this instant of colonial exploitation, the Kenyans are exiled from the highlands which was their homeland for centuries, having coincidentally,  the most arable lands in Kenya. The White settlers take control. Not surprisingly, the indigenous people are resentful and rebel. Britain sets up concentration camps and tortures the Kenyans in response ( inclusive of President Barak Obama’s grandfather). Prior to this act of colonial affirmation, it had been Britain in South Africa that for the first time in history had used internment camps for the purpose of complete depopulation. As a further historical fact, the Nazis did give credit to the British as the source from which, years later, they got the idea for concentration camps. It was not just the name, but also the principles and practices which the Nazis copied from the British. Years later, the Kenyan victims filed a class action claiming damages as compensation in the British courts. HMG then hid achieves which would have assisted in providing evidence to prove the case. A Harvard history researcher found the papers and then made the information public. HMG relented ( not necessarily repenting) and the case was settled.

Diego Garcia

HMG wanted from the US Polaris missiles. The US wanted to establish a geopolitically strategic location in the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean. The UK then effected a trade-off deal to obtain a discount on the purchase of Polaris missiles. The US was willing to do the deal if they could get the Chagos islands without inhabitants on them. The only practical problem was that the islands had on them long established inhabitants. The UK solved the “problem” by forcibly evacuating all the islanders and dumping them on the Seychelles and Mauritius mainlands to be forgotten forever, while leasing the largest of the islands, Diego Garcia to the US. The US got its bases; the UK got its missiles; the Chagossians got nothing but expulsion and exile. They sued.

Matrix Churchill case

 An MI6 front company with UK government’s approval sold arms to Iraq at a time after the UK had declared war against Iraq. In other words the UK government was knowingly sending her sons and daughters to war and at the same time was selling the armaments to the enemy which would be used to kill UK soldiers. The Government under the strangest of strange circumstances prosecuted the company “Matrix Churchill” only to find at a later stage when the evidence led back to MI6 that the Government under then Prime Minister Tony Blair intervened and stopped the case based on reasons of the continuation of the prosecution not being in the “national interest”. A more sordid piece of corruption at the governmental level could not be dreamt up in the greatest of fictional novels. Truth, however, at times, is stranger than fiction.

The Skipral poisoning case

A Russian spy, Sergei Skipral, worked as a double-agent and is discovered to be a traitor by Russia and is caught and sentenced to thirteen years in prison. The UK for which he worked traded him and he is released for Russian spies in the UK and then lives in the UK with his daughter, Yulia. There is a poisoning incident involving both Skiprals and Prime Minister Theresa May blames the incident on the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin. In consequence, she supports the bombing of Syria, without parliamentary full debate and approval, nor verification by the international body designated to verify such incidents. May claims that she is justified under international law to bomb Syria. Now lunacy meets the ludicrous for the following reasons:-

Professor Dapo Akande, a Professor of Public International Law at Oxford University, gave this opinion for the Labour Party…

“ In the opinion I reach the following conclusions:-

  1. Contrary to the position of the government, neither the UN charter nor customary international law permits military action on the basis of the doctrine of humanitarian intervention. There is very little support by states for such an exception to the prohibition of the use of force. The UK is one of very few states that advocates for such a legal principle but the vast majority of states have explicitly rejected it.
  2. The legal position advanced by the government ignores the structure of the international law rules relating to the use of force, in particular, because a customary international law rule does not prevail over the rule in the United Nations charter prohibiting the use of force. To accept the position advocated by the government would be to undermine the supremacy of the UN charter.
  3. Even if there was a doctrine of humanitarian intervention in international law, the strikes against Syria would not appear to meet the tests set out by the government. The action taken by the government was not directed at bringing “immediate and urgent relief” with regard to the specific evil it sought to prevent, and was taken before the inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons were able to reach the affected area.
  4. If the position taken by the government were to be accepted by states globally, it would allow for individual assessments of when force was necessary to achieve humanitarian ends, with the risk of abuse. It is because of the humanitarian suffering that will ensue from such abusive uses of force, that other states and many scholars have been reluctant to endorse the doctrine of humanitarian action.”

Stated at its simplest, the height of lunacy, duplicity, deception and corrupt practices have now been reached by Her Majesty’s Government.

The Caribbean pensions matter

The UK newspaper, the Guardian, of the 16th April, 2018 ran the story headlined, “Amber Rudd ‘sorry’ for appalling treatment of Windrush-era citizens” with the words therein:-

“The British home secretary has delivered an unprecedented apology for the “appalling” actions of her own department towards Windrush-era citizens, acknowledging that the Home Office had “lost sight of individuals” and become “too concerned with policy”.

Racism had motivated HMG to try and avoid pension payments to persons of Caribbean heritage who had migrated to Britain and now were of pensionable age and entitled to receive pensions. Solution? Simply expel them from Britain and not pay their pensions. The Guardian reported:-

“Their accounts have been further supported by the emergence of Border Force guidance, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, that appears to contradict the government’s justification of a decision to destroy an archive of Windrush-era arrival slips.

The Border Force note appears to undermine the Home Office and Downing Street’s rejection of the documents’ significance. Giving details of how landing cards are used currently, the document stated: “Information from a landing card may be used by an entry clearance officer in making a decision on a visa application.”

Article: “Whistleblowers contradict No 10 over destroyed Windrush landing cards” of 18th April, 2018.

Thus, papers that exist to prove entitlements are being denied as existing and/or being of use when policy, existence and practice belie the position of HMG. How absolutely racist and shameful!

Postscript: Resignation followed on the 29th April, 2018 when the Home Secretary said this inn a letter to the Prime Minister, “I feel it is necessary to do so because I inadvertently misled the Home Affairs Select Committee over targets for removal of illegal immigrants,” and “I should have been aware of this, and I take full responsibility for the fact that I was not.”

So, the racism and corruption is past, present – and we can realistically expect – future.

So now, do not expect either natural justice or rational thought to see the light of day anytime soon. Much that is disseminated in the mainstream Western media ( MSM) is a willful avoidance and ignoring of some of the greatest violence and injustices existing before our eyes in the world ( if we care to open them). News as propaganda and distortions then become the order of the day, be this via the BBC or CNN, Fox news – pick your deceptor as you will. Yet, when thinking and questioning minds are left to find meaning for themselves, beyond the news as so reported – the truth might just emerge. Sometimes, truth does actually see the light in MSM, but not necessarily so as a general rule.

The sermon today merely wishes to conclude that a state otherwise known as Perfidious Albion, demonstrably has little principle and is just about as opportunistic and corrupt in its governmental practices and judicial processes as many others on planet earth. The question then is not whether Britain is or is not fundamentally corrupt – but – the degree to which such corruption exists.

My people – forgive them – for they deny what they do.

There I end my sermon for today having spoken this truth to the corrupt powers that be.



Courtenay Barnett is a graduate of London University. His areas of study were economics, political science and international law. He has been a practising lawyer for over thirty years, has been arrested for defending his views, and has argued public interest and human rights cases. He lives and works in the Caribbean.              



Or So It Seems To Me Today

By Richard John Stapleton, PhD, CTA

During the past month the major concern has been wars and threats of wars and what President Trump might do about them. Unfortunately we are living in increasingly insecure and threatening times. Every day new reports of unrest, violence, and human suffering flash across our TV and computer screens.

Perhaps the biggest worry is the president himself. He says he is a smart stable genius. We were expected to believe from the beginning that he must be highly intelligent since he was so rich, and the implication was he was qualified to be president because of the experience he gained promoting business deals. Maybe so, but how could a fully rational intelligent person have the life history he has, including two failed marriages, several bankruptcies, a history of not paying his bills on time, and promiscuous sexual behavior with women of various sorts outside his marriages, which we have constantly heard about since he has been in office.

There is no evidence he has ever excelled in any sort of intellectual pursuits, good grades in school, serious academic study, or books or papers authored and published. You can tell by listening to him that he has a limited vocabulary and difficulties clearly and logically expressing facts, reasoning, and conclusions. He talks in short disjointed sentences mostly expressing predetermined dogmatic opinions, many of which are ad hominem slurs against critics and antagonists.  He sounds like a New York City mafia boss in an old gangster movie.

Is this the sort of person you want making life or death decisions affecting millions if not billions of people around Spaceship Earth?  Why couldn’t we have somebody like Captain Kirk on Star Trek for a leader?  For sure he’s not what I would want; but he’s what we’ve got, thanks to about half the voters who voted in the 2016 election. Since about fifty percent of eligible voters do not vote in US presidential elections, that means about twenty-five percent of the total eligible voters in the US elected Trump. You might say we are being ruled by a tyranny of a minority, thanks to fifty percent of US voters irresponsibly not voting. I voted for Jill Stein of the Green Party in the last presidential election, a highly intelligent articulate woman with a MD degree and a good working knowledge of US and international politics.

Despite his many shortcomings Donald Trump promised when he was running for office he would get the US out of stupid wars (his words), increase spending on US infrastructure, and deal with foreign countries rationally. Instead, he has given the US military the largest budgetary spending increase in history, we are still fighting stupid wars, and little or no infrastructure has been constructed, with the possible exception of a few miles of work done on the wall between the US and Mexico he promised his voters.

A week or two ago Trump tweeted one day he was going to get us out of Syria, that he would be bringing the troops home, very soon, where they belong. A few days later he was tweeting he had decided to bomb Syria very soon because Assad had used chemical warfare against his own people, again. A few days later he was tweeting he had decided we might not bomb Syria very soon, implying we might not bomb them at all. A few days after that he went on television and told us the US had shot missiles into Syria, again, and may god bless America.

Nobody knows what’s going to happen now. It’s now been a few days since the missiles were fired and there have been scant reports of casualties or property damage. It appears they may have targeted places where few people would get killed, more or less faking a serious military attack. So far there have been no serious retaliations from the Russian government, and Trump is again tweeting we will be getting out of Syria soon, again, if the Syrians do not use chemical weapons against their own people, again.

All this happened despite the fact there is no proof showing the world that the Syrian government did in fact use chemical weapons against its own people, again. It may have been another false flag operation. There are several other ways chemical weapons could have been released other than by the Syrians, and as numerous reporters and analysts have pointed out Assad and the Syrian army would have had to be falling down stupid to use chemical weapons where they were found, in a part of the country in which the Syrian army had already defeated and routed the rebels.

Regardless, most likely we are going to have to put up with this sort of thing from now on, as long as Trump is in office, listening to him change his mind in tweets with no good leadership on anything. Some say Trump has been seriously threatened recently by the deep state and military people surrounding him in his administration are now telling him what to tweet and do.

It seems to me the only hope for indefinite human sustainability is to evolve better political, economic, and religious systems, and better ways for humans to relate to one another. While I have no fantasies about this happening anytime soon, it seems to me it might happen through time through synergistic learning, a phenomenon I have covered in my article “Toward the Creation of Spaceship Earth Incorporated,” first published by MWC News (Media with Conscience) at http://mwcnews.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=31023&catid=38&Itemid=125.  I first encountered synergistic learning, learning in whole systems not predicted by observing subsystems of the whole, in Buckminster Fuller’s book Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth.

A major assumption of transactional analysis is that human feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are caused by stimuli people are exposed to as they live their lives and, therefore, it seems to me, if this is true, then people are not to blame or praise for what they feel, think, or do, and If this is true then all people are equally OK, not especially good or bad, but OK. In this light a poor homeless person considered mentally ill would be equal to someone like Donald Trump, having been caused by the same sort of causative forces.

As I point out in my TA books, it seems to me there are three basic types of OKness: existential, subjective, and objective. Existential OKness is what I just discussed, people being equally OK by virtue of coming into this world without asking for it, and being gradually shaped and formed by stimuli as they live. Subjective OKness is how a person subjectively perceives and judges her or his self, other individuals, groups to which one belongs, other groups one perceives as different, and the world in general. While these perceptions vary in terms of positive and negative social merit existentially they are equally OK because they were automatically caused to happen. Objective OKness is how OK one is in light of measurable criteria, for health, wealth, education, strength, intelligence, achievements, accomplishments, and the like. It seems to me global OKness would significantly increase if all people would take into account the relevance of all three types of OKness. While objective OKness would necessarily be most relevant in daily working lives, world peace and Earthian OKness would be increased if existential and subjective OKness were acknowledged by all people in all groups and organizations around Spaceship Earth.

In a nutshell, as I discussed and demonstrated using matrix algebra in my article, “Toward the Creation of Spaceship Earth Incorporated,” it seems to me for long term survival the human species must evolve a computerized mathematical management system to produce and fairly distribute the necessities of life for a reduced human population aboard Spaceship Earth, which requires something like a one woman/one child rule for several generations to peacefully reduce the human population through natural attrition, natural deaths exceeding births.  There is no way humans can have infinite population growth on a planet with finite resources that are rendered useless or harmful in production and consumption processes.

Most mainstream media play a psychological Game of GREENHOUSE, participating in a societal Happiness Racket designed to lull people into a sense of security and to make federal and state governments, their politicians, their political parties, their rich donors, their locust lobbyists, and their voters look good, or at least make it seem they are doing a better job of governing than they are. For more on psychological Games and Rackets, read my book Born to Learn: A Transactional Analysis of Human Learning at https://www.amazon.com/Born-Learn-Transactional-Analysis-Learning/dp/0692584331.

For more on the fallacy of composition as it applies to organizational life, i.e. harming or destroying the whole system by maximizing subsystems, read my book Business Voyages: Mental Maps, Scripts, Schemata, and Tools for Discovering and Co-Constructing Your Own Business Worlds at https://www.amazon.com/Business-Voyages-Schemata-Discovering-Co-Constructing/dp/1413480810.

Following in the EFFECTIVE LEARNING DIGEST are some outstanding articles and one audio interview recently published in various media around Spaceship Earth, primarily Internet media, shining light on relevant states of affairs.  As Romeo said in Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, as time was running out for the star-crossed lovers, “More light and light it grows, more dark and dark our woes.”

I am a Certified Transactional Analyst, a CTA, explained at http://www.itaaworld.org/what-transactional-analysis-training.

Feel free to forward, share, copy, abridge, reprint, or otherwise disseminate this Effective Learning Digest any way you see fit.

Just punch on the web addresses and this month’s selections will pop up.

Richard John Stapleton, Editor & Publisher, 32 East Main Street, Statesboro, Georgia, USA, www.effectivelearning.net.


April 11

As I pointed out in my “Br’er Trump Burrowed Up In His White House Briar Patch” article in the Intrepid Report at http://www.intrepidreport.com/archives/23879, in some ways Donald Trump is a psychological Victim, and if Luongo’s article immediately below is correct Trump’s fate will not be a good one. The raid on his lawyer’s office may have been the coup de grace. As I pointed out in my Br’re Trump article I think Trump basically wanted to do the right thing for ordinary people when he ran for office, and here lately he has shown signs he still wants to do it, however confusing his ways might be; but assuming Luongo is right in this article he has now been neutralized by the shadow state. As Luongo shows with compelling logic in this article it appears somebody has been writing fake tweets for him in the last day or so, or at least changing words in those he does write.

Luongo believes Internet media making it possible for ordinary people to learn facts around Spaceship Earth in real time is making it possible for them to really understand what is going on, enabling them to reduce the power of military-industrial-intelligence complexes to start wars with fake news and lies, since ordinary people for the first time in history knowing what is going on can take corrective political action. If so this is a major breakthrough for humanity around Spaceship Earth.

SOURCE: “The Coup is Complete – Trump is Done,” by Tom Luongo, TOMLUONGO.COM, https://tomluongo.me/2018/04/11/the-coup-is-complete-trump-is-done/.


April 16, 2018

This US Marine in a great video minces no words telling us why we should not bomb Syria.

SOURCE: “When A US Marine Drops A Massive Truth Bomb,” by Ken O’Keefe, NEONNETTLE.COM, a video at https://www.facebook.com/neonnettle/videos/1180361458730023/UzpfSTEwMDAwMDM0OTY1MTE4NjoxNzQ3MTA3MjkxOTc3NTc2/ .


April 16

Could not agree more.

SOURCE: “The American Military System Dissected: How to explain the paradox of a superb military that never gets the job done?,” by Andrew J. Bacevich, TRUTHDIG.COM, at https://www.truthdig.com/articles/the-american-military-system-dissected/ .


April 16

So it seems.

Here is one of Mad Dog Mattis’s more famous quotes in 2005: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2005/02/gene-f07.htmlFeb 7, 2005 – “You know, it’s a hell of a hoot. It’s fun to shoot some people. I’ll be right up front with you, I like brawling.” The general, also known as “Mad Dog Mattis,” led the 1st Marine Division during the initial invasion of both Afghanistan and Iraq, and returned to command marines during the occupation of Iraq, where …

Fun to shoot “some people”,  including women and children?

SOURCE: “Trump is Done, Mattis Won, Thank the Gods” by Tom Luongo, TOMLUONGO.ME, https://tomluongo.me/2018/04/14/trump-is-done-mattis-won-thank-the-gods/.


April 16

Say It Aint So Joe.

SOURCE: “Take The Red Pill – The History Of Syrian False Flags,” by Tyler Durden, ZEROHEDGE.COM, https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-15/take-red-pill-history-syrian-false-flags-exposed.


April 16

Was the Syrian bombing a criminal offense? We shall see.

SOURCE: “Syria: What Just Happened?,” by Eric Zuesse, STRATEGICCULTURE.ORG, https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2018/04/15/what-just-happened.html.


April 15

Well worth a read.

SOURCE: “Market Farce,” by Frank Scott, INTREPIDREPORT.COM, http://www.intrepidreport.com/archives/23920.


April 15

Mouthpiece Trump’s mouthpiece Nikki Haley in the UN is even more clueless than he is.

SOURCE: “Global Leaders Condemn Trump’s ‘Scorn for International Law’ as Haley Threatens More Possible Air Strikes,” by Julia Conley, INTREPIDREPORT.COM, http://www.intrepidreport.com/archives/23920.


April 15

Robots are nothing to worry about.

SOURCE: “ROBOTS causing millions of job losses could lead to the rise of communism,” by Jerry Lawton, DAILYSTAR.CO.UK, https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/696123/robots-cause-job-losses-could-lead-communism-bank-of-england.


April 15

It’s beginning to look like the UK ruling class is as greedy and power hungry as the US deep state.

SOURCE: “The British Government’s Legal Justification for Bombing is Entirely False and Without Merit,” by Craig Murray, CRAIGMURRAY.ORG, https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2018/04/the-british-governments-legal-justification-for-bombing-is-entirely-false-and-without-merit/.


April 14

Trump’s tweets do make interesting reading sometimes. Take a look at this selection.

SOURCE: “’These Freedom Fighters Fly Planes Into Our Buildings’—A List of the Times Trump Warned Against Attacking Syria,” by Tyler Durden, ZEROHEDGE.COM, https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-14/these-freedom-fighters-want-fly-planes-our-buildings-heres-list-all-times-trump.


April 14

Another good summary of world affairs by Jim Rickards.

SOURCE: “Russia’s Real Endgame,” by Jim Rickards ZEROHEDGE.COM, https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-12/russias-real-endgame.


April 14

Another sane analysis.

SOURCE: “Taking the World to the Brink of Annihilation,” by Rick Sterling, ORIENTALREVIEW.ORG, https://orientalreview.org/2018/04/10/taking-the-world-to-the-brink-of-annihilation/.


April 12

David Stockman lays it out in this three part article series. Trump has been taken over by the deep state that is determined to have another war come hell or high water. I used to give the Pentagon and the CIA credit for knowing more about whether we should  go to war than most people. But no more.  Look at what has happened because of destroying Iraq.

Not only is Stockman a great writer, he has walked the walk of politics and economics, having served as a US budget director under Ronald Reagan and as a US Representative in Congress, before a career on Wall Street.

SOURCE: “The Deep State Closes In On The Donald, Part 1: There Will Be War,” by David Stockman, ZEROHEDGE,COM, https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-12/deep-state-closes-donald-part-1.


April 13

Stockman in part 2 nails it. Trump has fully capitulated to the deep state, and thus he announced the US attack on Syria tonight, along with the UK and France. We are all victims now and we can only wait to see how many people will be killed and how much more property and treasure will be destroyed, probably including US citizens on US territory if WWIII gets triggered.

SOURCE: “The Deep State Closes In On The Donald, Part 2: Mueller’s War,” by David Stockman, ZEROHEDGE, https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-13/deep-state-closes-donald-part-2-muellers-war.


April 14

David Stockman, one of the best blogsters out there, tells it like is regarding Trump and his predicament, in Part 3.

SOURCE: “The Deep State Closes In On The Donald, Part 3: The Capture is Complete,” by David Stockman, ZEROHEDGE.COM, https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-14/deep-state-closes-donald-part-3-capture-complete.


April 13

On the march toward a full blown police state in the US.  This is an excellent article by a constitutional lawyer.

SOURCE: “The slippery slope to a Constitution-free America,” by John W. Whitehead, INTREPIDREPORT.COM, http://www.intrepidreport.com/archives/23934.


April 13

Another audio economic update by Richard Wolff, must listening for anyone wanting to stay informed about relevant economic problems and issues.

SOURCE: “Economic Update: Distorting Economic Truths,” Audio presentation, by Richard Wolff, TRUTH-OUT.ORG, http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/44155-economic-update-distorting-economic-truths.


April 12

Another article by Paul Street, a great writer.

SOURCE: “When is Hysteria Treason,” by Paul Street, COUNTERPUNCH.ORG, https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/04/12/when-is-hysteria-treason/.


April 13

Another blogster has been paying attention.

SOURCE: “Hot War and Cold Markets,” by Raul Ilargi Meijer, THEAUTOMATICEARTH.COM, https://www.theautomaticearth.com/2018/04/hot-war-and-cold-markets/.


April 12

There will always be wars and rumors of wars – the Christian bible. This dogmatic statement still rings true, but let’s hope it gets proved wrong before too long. Excellent essay by one of the best bloggers out there.

SOURCE; “Warmonger’s Remorse,” by James Howard Kunstler, KUNSTLER.COM, http://kunstler.com/clusterfuck-nation/warmongers-remorse/#.WtF2tziWgsw.facebook.


April 13

This is not false or fake news just because the foreign minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, said it. It is beginning to seem that the UK and France are about as dependent on manufacturing war weapons and materials for export as the US. The US, UK, and France are now allies in Eastern Europe fighting for resources in the Ukraine and elsewhere against Russia. Germany and Italy dropped out of the war against Syria. It’s going to get lonely if Germany and Italy ally with Russia and China. One can build the case the US, UK, and France should also cooperate with Russia and China rather than try to undermine them. One can build the case all nations should cooperate with one another rather than try to undermine one another, but they probably won’t do it because it would put military-industrial-intelligence complexes out of business.

SOURCE: “Russia Has ‘Irrefutable Evidence’ UK Staged Syrain Chemical Attack,” by Tyler Durden, ZEROHEDGE.COM, https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-13/russia-has-irrefutable-evidence-uk-staged-syrian-chemical-attack.


April 12

Some great wisdom here.

SOURCE: “I’m Not Right, Left, Or Center – I’m A Free-Thinking Human…,” by Tyler Durden, ZEROHEDGE.COM, https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-12/im-not-right-left-or-center-im-free-thinking-human.


April 9

Here’s another excellent essay by Courtenay Barnett in which he chronicles recent events involving the US and the UK and their new leaders Trump and May showing how both countries have tried to slander and undermine Russia with fake news about chemical warfare in the UK and Syria.

This article contains an embedded video of US President Dwight David Eisenhower delivering his famous warning about the threat posed by the US military-industrial complex when he left office in 1961.

SOURCE: “A Sermon of Two Blunders,” by Courtenay Barnett, EFFECTIVE LEARNING REPORT, https://blog.effectivelearning.net/a-sermon-of-two-blunders/.


April 12

Good question and a good analysis by Patrick Cockburn, a world class investigative reporter.

SOURCE: “How Can We Know If a Chemical Weapons Attack Took Place in Syria,” by Patrick Cockburn, COUNTERPUNCH.ORG, https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/04/12/how-can-we-know-if-a-chemical-weapons-attack-took-place-in-syria/.


April 12

Why go to war in Syria? To destroy the Assad government? That might start a war with Russia? Are people nuts or what?

Pathetic warmongering. Complacent population. Seem to think war is fun. Last week Trump said we would be coming home from Syria very soon, where we belong. Now all of a sudden, after Bolton, his new military adviser, got in the White House everybody seems to think for some unknown reason war with Syria sounds like a great idea. Are people bored? Or what. Do they really think destroying another weak government would be a fun, moral, or profitable thing to do? It’s insane. No more war! Unless a nation should seriously threaten the US militarily. People, buildings, homes, and treasures get destroyed in wars. Why do it if you do not have to do it to protect yourself? Call it what it is, vandalism and theft. Several wrongs do not make a right. Just because the leaders of France and the UK want to destroy Syria, that does not mean the US should.

SOURCE: “Corporate Media Reprise Iraq in Beating War Drums for Trump Attack on Syria,” by Jake Johnson, TRUTH-OUT.ORG, http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/44144-showing-they-learned-nothing-from-iraq-corporate-media-help-beat-war-drums-for-trump-attack-on-syria.


April 13

Here is the best map I have seen showing what is going on in Syria.

SOURCE: “A Map Of The Syrian War: Who Is Who (And Where),” by Tyler Durden, ZEROHEDGE.COM, https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-13/map-syrian-war-who-who-and-where.


April 13

Here we go again as if watching fireworks on the fourth of July.

SOURCE: “Trump Orders Syrian Military Strikers, 3 Waves of Airstrikes Launched at Various Targets,” by Tyler Durden, ZEROHEDGE.COM, https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-13/watch-live-president-trump-expected-announce-military-strikes-syria-tonight.


April 13

The tragedy in Syria

Bombs, Bombs, and more Bombs

I knew when I wrote this article there was some chance Trump would bomb Syria, but I did not know how probable or imminent it was. I thought there was some chance Trump might refuse to go along with the deep state, but I was wrong. He is now a mouthpiece for the deep state. He is a victim, the deep state is the persecutor, and the immediate victims are the Syrians who will die in the bombing. If this sets off WWIII we the people of the US will be victims too.

SOURCE: “Br’re Trump Burrowed Up In His White House Briar Patch,” by Richard John Stapleton, EFFECTIVE LEARNING REPORT, https://blog.effectivelearning.net/brer-trump-burrowed-up-in-his-white-house-briar-patch/.


March 23

Here’s another great article by Courtenay Barnett, an historical overview explaining how the US developed some of its most significant foreign policies.  Be sure to watch this video along with the article at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSLF1gYhzek.

SOURCE: “Today’s sermon – hope for America,” by Courtenay Barnett, EFFECTIVE LEARNING REPORT, https://blog.effectivelearning.net/todays-sermon-hope-for-america/.


March 22

Lest we forget how far astray the US can be led, let this be read.

SOURCE: “The Phoenix Program, My Lai and the ‘Tiger Cages’,” by Douglas Valentine, EFFECTIVE LEARNING REPORT, https://blog.effectivelearning.net/the-phoenix-program-my-lai-and-the-tiger-cages/.






























Br’er Trump Burrowed Up In His White House Briar Patch

By Richard John Stapleton

What connection does Donald Trump have with Br’er Rabbit in Joel Harris’s Uncle Remus folktale about a rabbit that tricked a fox into throwing him in a briar patch?

Trump said he really didn’t want to be president. Running for president was just another Game he was playing to get structure, recognition, and stimulation, and to make more money. He thought the free publicity he would receive from complicit mainstream media running for president would more than pay for whatever he had to pay in his own money to run, causing the sales of his various “brands” to increase—selling and renting hotel rooms, rounds of golf, apartments, condos, office space, retail space, steaks, wine, beauty pageants, reality TV shows, college courses, books, casino gambling, and what have you.

Br’er Rabbit got caught in a tar pit and got so much tar stuck to him that he couldn’t run fast enough to escape a fox that caught him and wanted to eat him for supper. Knowing his situation was dire the rabbit pleaded with the fox to do whatever he wanted to do with him, “except please do not throw me in that briar patch over yonder.” After listening to several alternative punishments suggested by the rabbit other than throwing him in the briar patch the fox decided throwing the rabbit in the briar patch might be an interesting thing to do, so he threw the rabbit in the briar patch just to see what would happen. The rabbit licked the tar off him in the briar patch and escaped, making a fool of the fox. Adding insult to injury, Br’er Rabbit taunted the fox as he merrily ran away, letting him know he had been born and raised in a briar patch.

Not only did Trump say he didn’t want to win the presidency, he said he didn’t think he had a chance of winning; and reports are he and his wife were initially distraught when he did win, even shedding tears, crocodile tears perhaps. Unfortunately for Trump, assuming this story is true, he over-estimated his Republican opponents in the primaries; and after he won the Repub nomination, a smart rich hedge fund fox, Robert Mercer, decided he wanted to see what would happen if Trump won the general election, so he shelled out big money and helped craft a winning strategy for his campaign, thereby throwing Trump in the briar patch.

“Winning” the general election showed reverse psychology can work assuming Trump really did want to be president; or his original plan and scheme failed, if he truly did not want to be president of the US. Regardless, he is now burrowed up in a political briar patch in the White House, having been thrown in there by oligarchs and his voters. It remains to be seen whether Trump can escape his briar patch to merrily live happily ever after, as the rabbit presumably did in Uncle Remus’s folktale.

Although Trump appeared shocked and dismayed at first because of winning the general election, after giving his “victory” more thought, the story goes, he decided it must have been a good thing for him to win or it would not have happened, proving he really was special, so he decided to get on with the job in a manly forthright way, switching on the Drama Triangle from the Victim position to the Rescuer position.

Trump would have looked foolish indeed if, after winning the general election, he had said something like, “Look, guys, I was just kiddin’ about wantin’ to be president. I just ran for the fun of it. I was just foolin’ around. I’m not gonna do it. You gotta find somebody else.”

In any case, alas, it now appears Trump must have decided he likes being president for some reason, since he has hired a campaign manager for the 2020 election, implying he wants to “win” a second term.

Trump’s story about his election experience and Uncle Remus’s story about a rabbit thrown in a briar patch are not fully analogous, but there are some interesting parallels, one of the most salient being that neither the rabbit nor Trump could be believed about not wanting to be thrown in the briar patch.

Some Red State evangelical religious folks said after he won the election they thought Trump was chosen through some sort of divine intervention, and decided he would help them promote their religious brands. The current Catholic Pope who is fine with Trump recently blurted out to a reporter in a private conversation that hell does not exist, which the reporter reported in a mainstream medium, which was quickly denied by lawyers in the Vatican who know the Catholic religion needs hell to sell their brand of religion to sinners. What better promoter of sinning and possibly going to hell could evangelicals and Catholics find than Donald Trump as president to promote their brands?

President Jimmy Carter, by far the least sinful of US presidents of my lifetime, who was not very popular with a lot of religious folks in Red States when he left office after one term, recently appeared on a late night mainstream TV show hosted by Stephen Colbert where he said he was praying for Trump and he hoped he would do a good job.

It’s hard to know what doing a good job is as a US president. Most people probably consider doing a good job as a US president to be taking actions and working for and signing rules, legislation, and laws that will make them better off at someone else’s expense, which is not exactly Christian-like. On the other hand, US presidents are supposed to entertain people and make them feel good about themselves, which is why most US presidents have movie-star looks with good teeth and nice smiles, and can memorize humorous lines in speeches, or at least read lines from teleprompters with effective emotional body language. Probably the more sinful presidents are the more entertaining they are for most viewers. Who wants a boring president who is only concerned about justice, reality, fairness, productivity, paying bills on time, and that sort of thing? That would be worse than having a boring teacher in school.

A good leader of a good organization according to organizational behavior educators such as I is a person that causes an organization to do what the sign on the door says, whether it says building houses, growing food, selling clothes, educating people, curing the sick, enforcing laws, creating good laws, or protecting people from miscreants and criminals. Organizations can either do the work they were supposed to do or play Games, that is engage in entropic activities that waste the potential productive energy of the organization for doing what the sign on the door says they’re supposed to do. The US government has been wasting an incredible amount of time, energy, and money playing Games since Trump got elected, probably more than most administrations, dealing with scandals, investigations, making paybacks to supporters, stupid wars (Trump’s words), and budgets.

According to sayings among members of the International Transactional Analysis Association back in the 1970’s there are five deadly organizational sins—money, power, righteousness, smarts, and sex.  This may sound a bit counter-intuitive since all these things but sex are required for an organization to succeed in external markets; but if any of the sins are applied in excess internally by participants they will sub-optimal organizational performance.  If all organizational participants care about is their personal money received from the organization, they will not focus as well as they might on the organization doing what the sign on the door says.  If all  participants care about is their personal power in the organization, the organization will be less successful than it otherwise would have been.  If all organizational participants are concerned about is proving how smart they are the organization will not be as successful as it would have been.  If all participants care about is proving how right their ideologies are the organization will not be as successful as it would have been.  And if all organizational participants care about is proving how sexually functional they are obviously the organization will be less successful than it would have been, in competition with other organizations.

To maximize organization performance good leaders cause internal participants to focus on doing what the sign on the organization’s door says it is supposed to do, rather than play their individual Games.

In this light, all organizations are somewhat sinful, but some are worse than others.  The US government is unquestionably a world leader in light of the five deadly organizational sins, which are often considered job requirements for participants, especially presidents and their close advisers.

There is no way a president of the US can please everyone. According to recent surveys, despite his past sins coming home to haunt him, e.g., Stormy Daniel, or perhaps because of them, Trump is now pleasing from thirty to fifty percent of the US electorate, possibly the most sinful segment of the population.

Unfortunately, sins, as most preachers, priests, and people commonly consider sinning—adultery, lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, and the like—are now job requirements for a president of the US, with the possible exception of adultery. Presidents have to lie by keeping state secrets secret; they have to murder by ordering drone strikes and bombings; they have to steal from other countries by erecting tariffs against them and sometimes bombing them to steal their resources. Loving his neighboring countries as he loves his own would be considered insane and traitorous in a US president.

Trump may have been better qualified for being president than most past presidents were, with one possible deficiency. I have yet to read an article in any supposed information medium alleging Trump had someone whacked or rubbed out by a mafia-style hit man to cover up his sins and crimes, which is not the case with Lyndon Johnson, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton. But, Trump is fully qualified to legally steal for the US as evidenced by his bankruptcies he has bragged about, enabling him to walk away with bundles of cash in his bank account, with creditors left holding an empty bag. He is also very good at legally stealing by avoiding taxes, and not paying his bills, which he said proves he’s smart, maybe even a stable genius. For sure he has not loved his neighbor as himself, being a firm believer in always putting himself first. Stuff like adultery is chump change to him. He has said most people are too moral to make any money.

Most people would readily agree a good US president should want to make the US money at the expense of other nations. This is almost guaranteed with Trump, since he can make money for his Trump Organization as he enriches the US.

I think Trump is probably one of the most experienced and skillful psychological Game players we have had as a US president. Psychological Games have various outcomes in which people win and lose, not merely money, but self-esteem, power, and high positions. Born with money, high self-esteem, and a high social position in his environment, Trump does not know what it is not to have these things. How much money he has actually made with his own intelligence after the fortune he inherited is adjusted for inflation is debatable, since he refuses to publish financial statements or tax returns; but, to his credit, he has not yet lost it all. Evidently his supporters think he is a real winner, financially, and presumably in other ways.

No doubt about it, Trump is a good NIGYSOB player, Now I’ve Got You, You SOB, a one-upmanship Game. He knows how to get in one-up positions relative to people around him, I’m OK—You’re Not (or less) OK, having had much experience playing the Game all his life. As he has demonstrated in the White House, all a person in his position has to do to win a NIGYSOB Game is fire anyone who will not at least pretend they think he is superior. People like Rex Tillerson, no matter how superior they may actually be as managers, almost never can call a boss like Trump a f*****g moron and get a way with it. Trump has by now fired several people close to him who were unwilling or unable to act as if he is superior. Robert Mueller and his congressional inquisition team may be Trump’s only remaining serious antagonist. Whether Trump NIGYSOBs Mueller before Mueller decides to indict him or not remains to be seen.

Psychological Game-players act out Rescuer, Persecutor, and Victim roles. Trump was elected as a Rescuer of his supporters and as a Persecutor of their scapegoat Victims, emigrants primarily, necessitating constructing a Great Wall between the US and Mexico to keep illegal immigrants out, but also including of course Trump’s supporters’ heinous Persecutor internal antagonists and scapegoats—those abominable liberals—plus all foreign countries who would dare compete economically against the morally pristine always-right US, playing the most common political psychological Game of all, If It Weren’t for You, in which people assert everything about the US would be just hunky dory if only it weren’t for Demos or Repubs, or that idiot Trump in the White House, or Obama, or whoever, or Iran, or Russia, or North Korea, or China, or whatever.

Unfortunately the US has never been fully OK and has steadily become less OK for decades regardless of who was President or which party was in power, although I must say it does seem to me the Repubs during their terms caused the US to become less OK at a faster rate than the Demos.

To his credit or discredit, Trump has tried to get that wall constructed for his voters, however foolhardy it might be. He has also tried to please his voters in the Rust Belt by starting a trade war for them, however insane it might be for everyone else. He has also repaid his rich donors by signing a new tax cut bill and the largest military budget increase in history. Yesterday he decided to send the military down to the US southern border to keep Central Americans out of the US, who were marching through Mexico in caravans with intentions to enter the US, since he had not been able to get his wall built in time to stop them.

Where he is having the most trouble Making America Great Again is dealing with the US military. During his presidential campaign he promised to Rescue peace lovers, by getting the US out of stupid wars (Trump’s words), the worst sort of briar patch to be thrown into, by stopping fighting unnecessary wars against nations not posing a military threat to the security of the US, unlike what he said Crooked Hillary would do, as seemed likely to me. In the interests of full disclosure I voted for Jill Stein of the Green Party.

After getting elected Trump promptly forgot about that promised reduction in military activity after getting confronted face to face by the deep state, the US military-industrial-intelligence protection racket, the largest Game-playing Persecutor and Rescuer on Earth, that needs wars to keep its cash flow flowing and meet its payroll, that not only starts wars but destroys nations because they posed an economic threat to the US. Shortly after the confrontation Trump began Tweeting messages from the Persecutor Game role to various possible external enemies, threatening to wipe them off the face of the Earth so to speak if they did not do what he said, since he was commander in chief of the most powerful fighting force on Earth and he would not put up with any s**t from any foreign country.

But here lately he seems to have changed his Tweeting tune about using the US military to enforce his will, switching from Persecutor to Rescuer on the Drama Triangle in a few cases. He has now apparently become a buddy of Kim Jung-un of North Korea, having planned a trip to go see him; he has maintained his friendship with Vladimir Putin of Russia; and, all of a sudden, a few days ago, he Tweeted that the US will be getting out of Syria very soon, ISIS or no ISIS.

Let’s You and Them Fight is a common psychological Game played by people who like to start fights for others to fight but who do not like to fight them up close and personal themselves, including most US presidents, politicians, and military planners and plotters. Such Games are played to alleviate boredom, and to gain money and power; and Trump is probably pretty good at it, having played Let’s You and Them Fight most of his life within his Trump Organization dealing with departmental conflicts, and externally doing battle with competing organizations to steal and protect business and market share.

Psychological Games vary in terms of hardness. First degree Games involve mainly insults, tricks, discounts, threats, and humiliations, such as those used by Br’er Rabbit; second degree Games involve shouting, yelling, threatening, and serious insults; third degree Games, sometimes called tissue-tearing Games, entail consequences such as going broke, or getting fired, divorced, sued, or being put in a jail, hospital or morgue. All psychological Games entail deceiving, belittling, or “discounting” the worth and right to exist of the opponent, or “mark”.

By various accounts first and second degree Games are omnipresent in the Trump White House. On the other hand, it’s possible Trump can’t abide third degree tissue-tearing Let’s You and Them Fight Games that entail killing masses of people and causing widespread wanton destruction of property and treasure in foreign countries. Let’s hope so. It seems he is attracted to and enjoys pretty people and buildings more than most people, especially big tall pretty ones with his name on them, so he might be less inclined to destroy buildings and people with bombs in foreign countries than most presidents.

Disagreeing with what President Jimmy Carter told Stephen Colbert, I don’t think praying for Trump will do any good, since most people Trump’s age are set in their ways. It seems to me we the people are currently at the mercy of his life script and the scripts of people he hires and doesn’t fire that he personally communicates with making decisions. On the bright side, it does seem to me there is some evidence his life script is not as anti-social as it appeared to be when he first came on stage as a possible new dear leader of the US.

The briar patch Trump is now burrowed up in is probably stickier and thornier than he ever dreamed it would be. I don’t know how he stands it, just knowing about the possible consequences of decisions and actions coming across his desk every day, especially knowing more than anyone else what the US deep state is doing to people all around Spaceship Earth.  The last time a US president seriously played Games with the deep state, John F. Kennedy, he got assassinated in a third degree NIGYSOB Game, involving covert operators in the deep state. Barack Obama said he didn’t want to wind up like John F. Kennedy. He cooperated with the deep state, and he merrily vacated the White House briar patch after eight years unscathed.

Who knows what sort of tar pit Trump fell into doing business before he got thrown into his White House briar patch. Most people would never think of Donald John Trump as a psychological Victim, but in some ways he is, like most of us. Most likely he won’t seriously try to reduce the cash inflows and power of the deep state, having already given them the biggest military spending increase in history, as his protection racket payment; but it seems to me there is some chance he might reduce military attacks as the so-called commander in chief of the military more than most presidents, letting the chips fall where they may, at least trying to do the right thing for most people in some ways—trying to do some of what he said he wanted to do when he was running for office—get the US out of stupid wars, create new infrastructure at home, and rationally interact with other countries around Spaceship Earth. He could even decide to become a martyr, at age seventy-plus, if necessary script messages were automatically absorbed into his life script before he was eight years old, that are now stored somewhere in his brain cells, that might get cathected.

What’s the probability this might happen? I have no idea, but it’s not very high. Regardless, we can always hope for the best.

Richard John Stapleton, PhD, CTA is an emeritus professor of organizational behavior and business policy and a certified transactional analyst, who writes on business and politics at www.effectivelearning.net. He is the author of Born to Learn: A Transactional Analysis of Human Learning at https://www.amazon.com/Born-Learn-Transactional-Analysis-Learning/dp/0692584331.

Please forward, share, publish, print, reprint, or otherwise disseminate this article any way you see fit.  Richard John Stapleton, Editor & Publisher, Effective Learning Report, 32 East Main Street, Statesboro, Georgia, USA, www.effectivelearning.net.


by Courtenay Barnett

Hear ye…hear ye…hear ye. Today’s sermon is the “Sermon of two blunders” in this, the second quarter of the year 2018 anno domini.

Be warned – I am a full time lawyer and a part time preacher. The lawyering is done in the name of justice; the preaching is done in the name of the almighty truth. Both pursuits are likely to be lifelong: for ‘justice’ is an illusive ideal and ‘truth’ can be both illusive and some say even ‘illusory’. Nevertheless, let us reason towards a ‘truth’ based on assumptions of facts and logic. Should we abandon both facts and logic then we are indeed left in that illusory world of thoughts and ideas devoid of any anchored expression and ultimately – any meaning. So, if we are seeking truth and meaning then advance we must with our sermon for words shall be used, thoughts shall be expressed and truth shall be pursued.

Imagine, if you will, being in a movie theatre. The projector just started rolling – but – you don’t know yet what the film will be. It could be a film based on fact or fiction – truth or lies – illusion or reality. Watch and listen and we shall see.

The projector starts to launch its early images on to the screen. You see there Prime Minister Theresa May and next to her is President Donald Trump. There the film starts. We now know that the movie is entitled, “Two blunders”. With sound reason we might then safely assume that we have just seen the image of the two blunderers who shall star in the movie.

And it came to pass that the United Kingdom declared several Russian diplomats, persona non grata. Washington gave support with expulsion of sixty Russian diplomats.

The United States of America, for its part, decided to inflict trade tariffs against China.

There are the two blunders which we shall examine closely in our sermon.

The simple question – is – why? Why blame the Russians; why impose trade tariffs? Those are easy questions for the sermon, while the really difficult task is to combine the two blunders into the whole picture of looming disaster. So, good people, be attentive.

United Kingdom and the Skripal affair

Who is Sergei Skripal?

He is a Russian military intelligence officer, a colonel, who was also a double agent working for the United Kingdom’s intelligence services ( MI6).

He was discovered by his homeland as a double-agent and in 2006 he was sentenced to prison in Russia for 13 years for treason.

He was subsequently exchanged in a spy swap and set free from Russia and his prison term. The Russian authorities estimated that the UK had paid Skripal a total of $100,000 or about $20,000 annually for five years. This latter point will be reverted to.

On the 4th March, 2018 along with his daughter, Yulia, he was poisoned in Salisbury, England.

Thereafter the story becomes an international news item and the Government of the UK, PM May and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, loudly proclaimed that the Skripals were poisoned by Russia and a complicit President Putin.

The plot thickened and lead to blunder number one. But, before we consider why so, let us visit the background on blunder number two then revert to both for careful consideration in attempting a holistic approach in this our almighty sermon.

United States of America and China trade tariffs.

Karl von Clausewitz made this expression famous, “war is a continuation of politics by other means.”

Quite seriously, when one observes the leadership of Donald Trump, one has to wonder whether when applying von Clausewitz’s maxim a reversal to “ politics is a continuation of war”, might not be more appropriate for Trump’s actions, for the sheer belligerence of his audacious outbursts. Makes one wonder whether Trump’s politics, as practised, is not a steady push for and continual pursuit of the next war. Fabrications are the indicatory signs that the perpetrators of the fabrications, the lies, untruths and reasons ( casus belli – if you like) are directed along a trajectory which the military-industrial complex approves of. Let us divert a little:-

The architect of the ‘Cold War’ , George Kennan, said this:-

“Were the Soviet Union to sink tomorrow under the waters of the ocean, the American military-industrial establishment would have to go on, substantially unchanged, until some other adversary could be invented. Anything else would be an unacceptable shock to the American economy.”

And he also said this:-

“The United States cannot reshape other countries in its own image and that, with a few exceptions, its efforts to police the world are neither in its interests nor within the scope of its resources. This whole tendency to see ourselves as the center of political enlightenment and as teachers to a great part of the rest of the world strikes me as unthought-through, vainglorious and undesirable.”

There you have prescient commentaries from a US perspective which accurately saw US/Soviet relations within the context of a policy of containment; versus the inherently inane pursuit of US foreign policy projection of global power and militaristic adventurism. So, from a serious thinker to Donald Trump as President.

While this is a serious matter of a trade-war, with implications for US/China relations and implications for the wider world economy, then to demonstrate and, of engendered necessity, mock President Trump’s conduct, the trade tariff’s commencement and implementation might be summed up as follows.

The headlines announce:-

“Trump threatens China with $100bn more in tariffs as response to Beijing’s ‘unfair retaliation’”

So, in Trumpland, the sequence of events might be summarised as…

Mr. A slaps Mr. B.

Mr. B returns a slap to Mr. A.

Mr. A then says, “unfair retaliation”.

Oh – so B should just have absorbed the slap like a good little boy; or – did A for a moment, before delivering the first slap, think that maybe, just maybe, B might slap back.

Sorry my friends, for being trite – but – even in my court work a little humour can creep in. This version just rushed into the room…slam..wham…bam….ouch!

End game equals being hit with counters by China and ultimately compelled talks at the governmental level to address the trade imbalance between China/US and probably finally a rational outcome despite all of Trump’s ‘fire and fury’.

The wider picture

In the case of Trump’s trade-war, he clearly has not thought through the implications of what he is doing. What he is doing is playing, in a dangerous, stupid and irrational manner, to an approving local political audience of supporters. Events, however, will overtake him and the negotiating table will be forced to the front because the fallout for both the US and China does not auger well for long-term economic and financial sustainability.

There is a sort of crude analogy to be made between the China trade-war and BREXIT. Both involve a biting off of the economic nose to please the political face, only to find out as events unfold that the choice really does produce a rather undesirable and ugly outcome. Anyway, it is done and the game has to be played out as the fait accompli invites damage control as a natural and ultimate necessary reaction.

So far as the UK government’s claims of Russia’s culpability is concerned the facts can be examined to find the truth:-

  1. Skripal’s professional history is as stated above.
  2. Russia is not the only state with the ability to produce the nerve agent which poisoned the Skripals ( i.e the colonel and his daughter).
  3. PM Theresa May at a very early stage pronounced Russian culpability, yet had no evidence then or now to prove any case against Russia.
  4. There is and always was a framework, under international law, that was applicable to the Skripal case, which the UK simply sidelined and ignored compliance with.
  5. Boris Johnson, the UK’s Foreign Secretary, likewise professes Russian guilt.
  6. Why did the British Government lie and state that dozens of people had been affected by the alleged nerve agent? There is a letter from the Salisbury Hospital’s consultant, Dr Stephen Davies, who wrote to The Times newspaper saying:-

“no patients have experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning in Salisbury.”

  1. The British Government went further and embarked on an anti-Russia campaign by circulating a six-page document to 80 foreign embassies in Moscow which set out the UK’s “case” for blaming Russia.


  1. One hundred and ninety two states are members of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the applicable law under the Chemical Weapons Convention 1993. Thus, the UK and Russia are included and the starting point should be the applicable protocols of this organistaion and the applicable law. So, why would the UK refuse to provide a sample to the OPCW?
  2. The UK, contrary to that aforestated piece of international law, and again in relation to the other applicable piece of international law, has isolated the Skripals – yet it stands that the Vienna Convention 1963, does actually apply, in terms:-

“(1) (a) A consular officer shall be entitled within the consular district to communicate with, interview and advise a national of the sending state and it may render him every assistance including, where necessary, arranging for aid and advice in legal matters.

(b) No restriction shall be placed by the receiving state upon the access of a national of the sending state to the consulate or upon communication by him with the consulate.

So, the Russian consular staff do have a right of lawful access to the Skripals, unless the Skiprals both have said they don’t at all want any contact with any diplomatic representative of their native country.

  1. The OPCW having been endorsed by both the UK and Russian sides, find that PM May has been trying to avoid the OPCW participation, and rushed to judgment while an OPCW investigation with blood samples to determine the nerve agents with any traces of any chemical warfare records and/or identifiers to link to a culpable party were still pending. The British blood sampling would, to my legal mind, have to be associated with a verifiable chain of custody, failing which, what May by reference to the OPCW standards and established legal principles of evidence, really has yet to comply and stand up to the standard of proof I have had to deal with for over 30 years of practice in courts of law ( comply – at least up to the time of my writing this ‘sermon’). So, pardon my less than judicious language – but what a “right royal cock-up on the part of both May and Johnson.” A serpentine concoction of lies, might be a more elegant way of putting it. What is emerging from the relevant facts, as same trickles out into the public domain, is a really botched UK political and legal job. .

The reality

  1. In a case such as the Skripals’ poisoning, there is a duty on the part of the UK Government to give the OPCW a sample of the poison for examination. The UK, meanwhile dances outside the main ball room and shouts to the world that the Russians sent poison inside into the UK. So, what of OPCW findings being made, before proclaiming guilt of a President or country? We therefore have, in factual and sequential terms, a situation like that of the mad Queen in Alice in Wonderland; sentence before verdict: conviction without evidence.
  2. The Porton Down *experts have been unable to state exactly where the poison came from. So – how can or could PM May have accurately stated – Russia? Why did Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson lie that Porton Down stated categorically that it was Russia – when they never said any such thing?


  • Porton Down: it is a site of the UK’s Ministry of Defence’s Science and Technology Laboratory, near Salisbury, Witshire, England. It is the most significant military research facility in the UK.


  1. The UK, it seems, by pushing this warfare with Russia agenda, then obviously if pursued to its logical end, it could lead to extremely destructive forces being unleashed into the world. What do I think? This is all happening within a BREXIT disengagement period. Thus the Skripal allegations are focused on both politically and economically deflecting UK public opinion focus on the disaster for the UK which BREXIT actually is. So – Britain post- BREXIT might become a basket case, but just divert public and international attention instead to a fabricated accusation against Russia ( so far it is working with the assistance of a complicit mainstream media which comes no where even near to commenting on or, heaven forbid, even asking the kind of questions this sermon raises). The UK as a vassal state of the US,  is also assisting the US long-term agenda, of which President Eisenhower warned; so, the economic competitor EU has to be challenged/ distanced from/destroyed even – and because it is a main competitor of the UK’s ally, the US, then the US agenda and preservation of the petrodollar fits well into this scripting for the UK’s anti-Russia/Putin protestations *. Left to its own economic devices, Russia would simply develop and sell a lot more of its oil and gas via pipelines into Europe. A geographically and economically sound and sensible choice for Europe – but – not so if viewed from an American geopolitical perspective.


  • Recall that Saddam Hussein had pledged to sell Iraqi oil in the Euro, after UN sanctions ended, and end the petrodollar purchases. Analysing recent historical events, one finds that it is far cheaper for Russia to run a pipeline into Europe and sell its gas and oil at much more competitive prices than the US could ever match by shipping mainly fracked US oil across the Atlantic ( and in what currency would Russia do this via the then intended ‘Southstream’ project into, initially, Bulgaria?) Sanctions were then implemented as targeted by the US and directed against the Russian energy sector and thereby set out to cripple Russian economic aspirations to have more EU countries as primary buyers of affordable Russian gas and oil; and the EU replicates the US sanctions. Ha…quite helpful to set out to shut off the most logical European oil and gas supply from existing pipelines from Russia, or prevent intended expansion of oil and gas and/or agri-business with Russia. Geopolitics in play and so the vassal, UK state, has its role to play in this Skripal unfolding development – which logically one can link from one set of events to another and then discern the geopolitical and economic underlay.



The controversy over Russia links to trillions of dollars in potential warfare earnings ( the kind of observation that General/President Dwight D. Eisenhower had warned of):-

So, that is what probably is presently afoot, with the demonisation of the Russian President and the accusation being made about Russian state culpability which leads to potential largesse to benefit the bureaucratic warfare-state parasites and defence contractors. Same lot who want war and would simply suck further the lifeblood out of the American people while bringing the world closer to global disaster. The UK plays its political part, while the US continues to push its global agenda of “full spectrum dominance”. Global hegemony as a central US foreign policy objective in play.

For anyone seriously interested in how the world really works and not so much listening to the journalistic echoes and misrepresentations – then watch this ( link below) and then read what I had to say in 2006:-


The Crisis of Civilization – Full Length Documentary Movie HD


Oil, conflict and the future of global energy supplies


Truth be told, both May and Trump have been lying. Both when pressed on the facts, can be seen to be comic figures for the ludicrous nature of their public behaviour. As the movie advances to its conclusion, the initial comedy may ultimately turn out to be a tragedy. Beyond that – then, just think and act as an informed individual.

So endeth my sermon for today.


Footnote: Clients should not lie to their lawyers; politicians should not lie to their citizenry. In both instances the mendacity can lead to disastrous and tragic results. Let’s then ask some pertinent questions and find out for ourselves via the answers:-

Credibility of the US and UK

  1. Was it the US via then Secretary of State, Colin Powel, who made a calculated fallacious presentation to the UN Security Council to justify an attack on Iraq?
  2. Was it then Prime Minister Tony Blair who willingly endorsed the US position on advancing the attack on Iraq?
  3. Did there exist a document called the “Downing Street Memorandum” which confirmed that the UK had signed on and fully committed to a US attack on Iraq a year before the illegal invasion of Iraq was launched?
  4. Did the then head of the United Nations monitoring, verification and inspection commission as Chief UN weapons inspector, Hans Blix, not indicate that no WMDs had been found; and did he, or did he not, actively seek to have a final extension of 6 weeks before any war was launched, first to ensure and assure that the reason being advanced by the main protractors for war did first fully and finally ascertain whether or not WMDs existed in Iraq – which offer the US and UK flatly rejected?


N.B. Hans Blix, being fully cognizant of the implications of a war being commenced against Iraq, quite rationally and reasonably, wanted the US and UK to see the angles concerning WMDs not intuitively, but in actual measured and verifiable terms. This analogy is here drawn, for the OPCW internationally and Porton Down, domestically, actually exist to provide that verifiability. The kind of verifiability ( any reasonable person would have expected the US and UK at the time to have obtained before attacking Iraq; or – for that matter PM Theresa May attacking and condemning Vladimir Putin and Russia). So, the common link if engaging in a complete process of verification before condemnation and then making pronouncements after the conclusion of such a process instead of before. In a logical way of proceeding – evidence first; condemnation after. What we really have in the Western MSM is condemnation first; evidence, if any, after.


  1. Did over a million human beings finally lose their lives after the US and UK proceeded along the trajectory, adumbrated and listed as 1 to 4 above, devoid of verification and evidence?
  2. Were the US and UK caught fabricating evidence of Syria using chemical weapons against the Syrian people?
  3. In light of 1 to 6 above and this ‘sermon’ – is it outlandish to conclude that the US and UK were complicit in advancing a war of aggression contrary to the provisions of international law, and more precisely, the provisions of the UN Charter, Article 1?
  4. What rational sense is there to be gleaned when a low level double-agent who was in Russian gaol was not then killed while in custody, is, at a time when Russia is to host the World Cup subsequently to be killed on British soil, when his ‘value of any significance’ to the UK was a paltry $20,000 per year? Does this attempted murder allegedly inflicted by the Russian state stand up to serious questioning, scrutiny and logic?

The logic of a trade-war

  1. Was it under then President Nixon and Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, that a rapprochement with China in the early 1970s was arrived at with concomitant economic and trade relations being established on a large scale which has inured to this day?
  2. Did US corporations not benefit for several decades from comparatively a more attractive production environment in China from:-
  3. Significantly lower labour costs;
  4. Virtual absence of environmental standards laws;
  5. Absence of constrictive labour laws as, from a US corporations perspective, exists in the US;
  6. Absence of pension benefits to workers;
  7. Much lower safety standards in the Chinese factory and work place;
  8. Consequentially – much more affordable end products on the shelves in the US at places such as Walmart?

       So – who, if anyone, forced the US to enter into such economic relations with China?

  1. Is China in the same economic condition in the 1970s as it is now in 2018 – and – if not, then can the US effectively flex unilateral political muscle now as it could have back then in the early 1970s?
  2. If China has leverage over US Treasury Bills and other financial US instruments then can any assumption of US political demands and dictatorship over China be considered and viewed as either logical or realistic in the existing symbiotic economic relationship between China and the US?

Conclusion: If you want to start becoming aware of dubious US and UK conduct and very sceptical about the recent moves made by Prime Minister May and President Trump then answer the questions and draw your own factual and/or inferential conclusions without me preaching.


Courtenay Barnett is a graduate of London University. His areas of study were economics, political science and international law. He has been a practising lawyer for over thirty years, has been arrested for defending his views, and has argued public interest and human rights cases. He lives and works in the Caribbean.