The protagonist of the novel Dr. Rout Logger an organizational analyst, consultant, and developer spent considerable time and energy in the book ensuring that his forty randomly-selected participants in his process, paid five thousand dollars a month to participate, had an equal democratic opportunity to freely, fairly, and frankly tell the truth as s/he saw it to the whole group about what s/he really felt, thought, and recommended regarding psychological, social, economic, political, military, and religious problems s/he thought were relevant around Spaceship Earth. Logger’s biggest problem conducting the six monthly six-hour discussions on the first Saturday of the month in randomly-selected cities in the US was convincing group members that it was OK to honestly tell the truth as they saw it to the whole group if randomly selected as the democratic “Leader of the Moment” by the Truther rooster (who raucously crowed when spun, letting the group members know it was time to wake up and get to work), caused by the members of this group having been conditioned in prior-experienced groups and organizations to think telling the truth as you honestly saw it about relevant existential problems around Spaceship Earth to others in groups was anti-social or risky. The story ends with Rout recommending a new computer-based TV zoom system for managing Spaceship Earth states of affairs involving thousands of democracy chapters established around Spaceship Earth to eradicate the power of fascist dictators and increase the chances of Earthian humans not being rendered extinct as a species by global warming and climate change (GWCC) or militarization and nuclear weapons proliferation (MNWP).

Linked below is a Kirkus review, not as informing about the book as it might have been, but educational, showing what a relatively unbiased reader/professional paid reviewer thought about the book.