The Ogeechee Economic Forum provides open, free, fair, democratic face-to-face discussions of relevant Earthian economic problems and opportunities to foster better management policies and practices for organizations and groups around Spaceship Earth.

The Ogeechee Economic Forum is non-partisan politically and theistically. The purpose is to discuss causes and cures of economic problems and related political, social, educational, religious, and military problems. Forum participants express their thoughts on a first come first serve basis with no interruptions in a collegial manner.

The laws and rules for participating in the Ogeechee Economic Forum are presented in “De-Gaming and Saving Democracy.”

Participating in the Ogeechee Economic Forum enables you to test your ideas for managing Spaceship Earth giving you more certainty about what is going on.

Expose your ideas to the light of day and see what happens.  If you do someone will learn something making for smoother sailing aboard Spaceship Earth.

The Ogeechee Economic Forum is open from 11-12 a.m. on the third Saturday of each month at the Eagle Creek Brewing Company, 106 Main Street, Statesboro, Georgia, USA.