In the words of the now designated leader of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, “Here’s the deal:”

Ordinary Dem voters in the Dem primaries made a mistake choosing Joe Biden. Had Sanders been chosen he would have had a good shot at uniting the Dem party. Biden has split it into two camps: conservative Dems and progressive Dems.

A united Dem party would be more likely to defeat Trump, the greater evil.

Now, with the Dem party divided, beating Trump is more uncertain.

I, a progressive Independent, will vote for Biden as the lesser evil, much as I hate to; but I am only one progressive vote. There’s no telling how all the progressive Dems will vote.

Dem establishment insiders did not want Bernie Sanders because they were afraid of losing job security and funding, knowing the Deep State—the big banks, the drug companies, the credit card companies, the military industrial complex, the for-profit health care system, the Federal Reserve system, etc.—did not want Sanders—because they knew there was some chance he might actually make systemic changes harmful to their vested interests if he became President.

The Deep State has now won the Game regardless of which political party wins in November. For them it’s head’s they win if the Dems win and tail’s they win if the Repugs win.

While there’s no guarantee the status quo of the disunited USian federal system will work much longer even for the Deep State, given the exploding and ballooning Federal debt, the status quo of the USian federal government system will be maintained if possible for another four and one-half years—to preserve as many vested interests of the Deep State as possible, depending on possible force majeure events.

Biden has already told the Deep State there will be no major changes if he is elected, and we pretty much know what will happen if Trump is re-elected. He has given the Deep State more than they asked for for three and one-half years.

The losers as usual in this deal are lower and middle income civilian voters of both the Dem and Repug parties who made it all possible by not voting in their own best interests in primary elections. Unfortunately they can only see trees, not the forest.

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Richard John Stapleton, Writer, Editor, and Publisher, Effective Learning Report