How to Set Your Kids Up for a Successful, Stress-Free New School Year

By Joyce Wilson

Summer seems like it just started, but before you know it, your kids will be heading back to school again. A new school year can be a source of excitement for many children, but for those with anxiety, it can be a source of major stress. You can help relieve your child’s fears of going back to school, by working to ease them into their new routines. From encouraging learning to finding ways to help them relax, here are a few ideas to get your kid started on the right foot for the new school year:

 Get the Right Gear

 When it comes to getting back to school, helping kids pick some new gear is a good way to get them excited about going to class. One of the easiest ways to take some of the stress out of homework is to pick up a laptop for your kids. Buying your child their own laptop will encourage them to use technology to find information, explore the world and make getting their work done a bit easier. As an added bonus, you can ease some of your own anxiety by not having to worry about sticky hands and spills on your own computers. Refer to this guide to make a thoughtful choice on a kid-friendly laptop to help them take on the next school year.

Start Mornings Right

 A smooth start in the morning can reduce your child’s anxiety throughout the day. So if mornings are typically hectic in your house, find ways to makeover your mornings before school starts again. Waking up a little earlier can allow time for you and your kids to get ready at a slower pace. You can even make time in the mornings for some calming meditation, a proven remedy for anxiety and tension. Set up a meditation space in your home and dedicate a few minutes each morning to using it. If your kids are having a hard time getting started, use an app to guide them through their meditation practice and help them breathe with intention. Don’t forget to get in a filling breakfast too, to help boost your child’s focus and concentration in school.

 Stick to a Regular Routine

 One of the best ways to help your kids beat anxiety about their school schedule is to set up a regular routine during the summer. Keeping kids on a normal schedule can help reduce the stress they feel by a sudden routine shift. A regular schedule can also help children get to bed easier, so they can get the sleep they need to perform well in school and stay in control of their emotions. During summer break, have kids go to bed and wake up as they would during the school year. Fill their days with engaging, educational activities to keep their brains sharp and ready to tackle academic challenges at school. If you work full-time, look into local summer camps that will keep your kids busy.

Help Them Relax at Home

 School can be a major source of stress for your kids. From pressure in the classroom to pressures from friends, it can be hard for kids to escape tensions at school. Make sure they have plenty of ways to relax when they are back at home. Create calm in your child’s room by keeping it organized and free of clutter. Encourage your children to talk to you about the stress they experience at school, or have them express their anxiety in productive ways like art or journaling. Journaling is a good way for kids with anxiety to write out their worries and relieve their brains of any stress that is preventing them from relaxing.

Thinking about starting a new year at school can cause tension for many children. Help relieve your child’s anxiety by using these tips to calm their worries and get them ready to face any challenges they may face when they head back to school again.

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