Something to do in the summertime

By Joyce Wilson

5 Ways Teachers Can Make Summer Side Gigs Last Through the School Year

When you’re a teacher, having whole summers off can be a welcome break. But for many teachers, summer is the perfect chance to supplement their income with side gigs and temporary jobs. But what if you could make a little extra money while you’re teaching as well? If you’re interested, there are plenty of side gigs that will fit in perfectly with the school year. Here are a few ways you can make side gigs work for you without interfering with your normal teacher-related duties.

Tutor Children and Adults

If you absolutely love teaching, why not make a little extra money helping others? You can focus your attention on providing one-on-one lessons for students struggling with traditional subjects like math and science. Some students, and adults, may even benefit from getting a better grasp on English, if it’s the second language in their homes. You can even teach online on your own schedule! Know another language? Try teaching children and adults how to speak it. Conversational language lessons can build skills faster, and you’ll get paid just for talking.

Get Paid to Pet Dogs and Cats

Watching dogs and cats is a great way to make a little extra money. More and more pet owners are turning to in-home pet care to keep their pets safe while they’re away on summer vacations. You can open up your own home or stay in theirs. Don’t have the time to pet sit during the school year? Weekends and holidays are prime pet sitting times, so consider caring for pets then. Advertise your services online or spread the word through family and neighbors.

Put Those Writing Skills to Work

For most teachers, grammar comes naturally, but that isn’t the case for others. Many working professionals struggle when it comes to putting together a cover letter and resume and will pay top dollar to have someone do it for them. So put those writing skills to work and help people land their dream jobs in the process. Not into professional writing? There are lots of ways to make extra income through your words. You can help put together grant proposals or make a little extra cash proofreading textbooks. An added bonus to freelance writing? With a good laptop and internet connection, you can get your work done pretty much anywhere.

Get Extra Income Out of Your Car

Ridesharing has become pretty popular, and it’s a great way to make extra income without overworking your schedule. You can work for companies like Lyft or Uber, and summers are pretty busy with parties and events, making it the perfect time to start your new side gig. When the school year starts, you can choose to work after class or only offer rides on the weekends and special occasions. In fact, you can make more money working on holidays or during busy events. So fill up your tank, crank some tunes, and bring in some extra cash while helping people get around town.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Working over the summer can be a great way to earn extra income, especially if your side gig fits in with your school schedule later. Just make sure you’re not burning yourself out. Schedule hours that don’t leave you exhausted. If you don’t have a functional home office set up already, create a little space where you can focus on your side gig. Get a comfy chair and a calendar to keep your schedule on track. Whether you’re working your side gig over the summer or during the school year, always make time for self-care. Get plenty of exercise, eat healthy foods, and make sure you can still get enough sleep at night.

If you want to make some extra money this summer, then a side gig may be a perfect opportunity for you. Whether you want to buy more supplies, grow your savings, or take that dream vacation, side gigs can provide the financial tools to help you reach your goals. So get out there and try one out today to see if it’s right for you!

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