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DECEMBER 1, 2022

Never heard of Dataism before

“The People Cheering for Humanity’s End,” by Adam Kirsch, THE ATLANTIC,

December 1

Me too

“I Used To Be Disgusted, Now I’m Just Tired…,” by Charles Hugh Smith, DAILY RECKONING.COM,

December 1

Say it ain’t so Joe

“Be it Resolved: Don’t Trust Mainstream Media,” by Matt Taibbi, SUBSTRATE.COM,

November 30

To paraphrase Upton Sinclair, it’s very difficult to get an Earthian human to accept something when her/his livelihood depends on not accepting it.

“Populist Climate Action Requires Thinking About Freedom From Specific Oppressors—Nor just Species Survival,” by Carter Dillard, COUNTERPUNCH,

November 30

What’s at stake for middle and working classes in the Warnock Walker election

“Why Raphael Warnock’s reelection could tip the balance for America’s economic. Future,” by Tom Conway, INTREPID REPORT,

November 30

Sounds right to me

“Because ‘publishing is not a crime,’ major newspapers push US to drop Assange charges,” by Jake Johnson, INTREPID REPORT,

November 29

A nightmare

“Survey of the AgroAbsurd,” by Bill Hatch, COUNTERPUNCH,,

November 28

Among all the other reasons Georgians should not vote for Hershey Walker he’s a carpetbagger

“’Carpetbagger’ charges fly as Georgia GOP Senate candidate Walker’s Texas tax break exposed,” by Brett Wilkins, INTREPID REPORT,

November 28

A Who’s Who of Earthian Fascists

“The World According to CPAC,” by Laura Carlsen, COUNTERPUNCH,

November 26

What next?

“A f—ing ‘nightmare’: Trump team does damage control after he dines with Ye and white supremacist Nick Fuentes,” by Mark Caputo, NBC NEWS,

November 26

One small step forward for wildlife

“Wildlife conference boosts protection for sharks, turtles,” by Kathia Martinez, AP NEWS,

November 28

Another sad one but well written and relevant

“The Retail Carrion Feeders of Rural America,” by Jeffrey St. Clair, COUNTERPUNCH,

November 28

If supposedly well-functioning societies such as Sweden cannot control their emissions what is the hope for the rest of Spaceship Earth? Thunberg is saying stop stammering and do something.

“Greta Thunberg Joins 630+ Young People in Landmark Climate Lawsuit Against Sweden,” by Julia Conley, TRUTHOUT,

November 28

Sad but worth a read

“Humans v nature: our long and destructive journey to the age of extinction,” by Phoebe Weston, THE GUARDIAN,

November 26

Say it aint so Joe

“China’s 26-storey pig skyscraper ready to slaughter 1 million pigs a year,” by Staff, THE GUARDIAN,

November 25

Is sports another opium of the people?

“Well, in our society, we have things that you might use your intelligence on…,” by Noam Chomsky, FACEBOOK,

November 24

An interesting overview and perspective

“What precipitated the radicalization of the Republican Party in the U.S.,” by Nelson McKeeby, QUORA.COM,

November 24

Seems right as rain to me. Another telling-it-like-it-is article by Paul Street

“Dear Liberals: Stop Your Smug Celebration of the Midterms,” by Paul Street, COUNTERPUNCH,

November 23

Say it ain’t so Joe

“Attack of the Killer Robots,” by Roberto J. Gonzalez, COUNTERPUNCH,

November 23

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea Earthian humans need to decrease their numbers aboard Spaceship Earth through natural attrition (natural deaths each year exceeding births) to reduce the Earthian human population so as to reduce the need for burning fossil fuels producing more and more carbon dioxide pumped into the Earthian atmosphere to combat global warming and climate change (GWCC).

On the other hand, the Earthian undependable and diabolical capitalistic economic system needs more and more Earthian humans to be born every year than die from natural causes to create more aggregate demand to enable profit-seeking organizations and groups to sell more and more products and services so as to need to hire more and more servants working for them at as low as possible wages and salaries to prevent Earthian humans from becoming homeless.

Will Earthian humans somehow evolve new systems to resolve this impasse before it’s too late?

Comment by RJS

“Demographic Cliff + Let it Rot = Collapse of Economic Growth,” by Charles Hugh Smith, OF TWO MINDS.COM,

November 18

As if Earthian humans did not have enough economic, political, and military problems

“Greenland is Worse Than Ever, Much Worse,” by Robert Hunziker, COUNTERPUNCH,–UAyMbTrITDPoLwmfm_sq32jv8H6SrOdeKg3F4.

November 18

Whatever the morals and ethics, maybe this will give USians somewhat lower gasoline prices than would otherwise have been the case in the short run. What would Jesus have recommended in this case?

“Biden Administration Calls for Immunity for Saudi Crown Prince in Khashoggi Case,” by Jake Johnson, TRUTHOUT,

November 18

Want to be a great man? Here is the sort of thing you would have to do

“Crimes of Britain on Twitter: The crimes of Winston Churchill – voted Greatest Briton of all time,”

November 18

How many times can the DOJ pass the buck? Why do you need a special counsel to recommend what you yourselves have spent millions of dollars and a lot of time investigating? Seems absurd and pusillanimous. Apparently, nobody at the DOJ can make a real decision. Are USians to believe their own eyes and ears have been lying to them in this case? Who the hell is Jack Smith?

“Attorney General Merrick Garland names Jack Smith special counsel in Trump criminal probes,” by Dan Mangan, CNBC,|facebook&par=sharebar&fbclid=IwAR3yxudnFE4Nqb8AJTZbxCoehGeRrduWd9trou2-Fdu88IyISbCYXIjsBrs.

November 13

How little we know about this

“NASA Has a Theory for Why We Might Be Alone in the Universe, “

November 13

Say it ain’t so Joe. Is it true that the only real free citizens of the US are the elite rich? And all others are servants?

“Will the US War-for-Profit System Lead to Nuclear Annihilation?,” by Leonard C. Goodman, COUNTERPUNCH,

November 12

Even most smart Earthian humans do not read books

“As the Rooster Crows Earthian OKness Increases,” by Richard John Stapleton,

Novenmber 11

Afraid he’s right

“Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war,” by Albert Einstein,  

November 11

I never did join the dim dems or the repugnant repugs. Always have been Independent. Generally agree with Gabbard here. She won the 2019 dem primary debates you know. I documented it in an article I wrote and published in my Effective Learning Report blog, “Why Large Powerful Political Parties are Evil,” October 27, 2019, at…/

“Tulsi Gabbard leaves Democratic Party, denounces ‘control of an elitist cabal of warmongers’,” by Cami Mondeaux, WASHIINGTON EXAMINER,

November 11

Here’s another article by the cogent pulling-no-punches telling-it-like-it-is Eve Ottenberg about the real life of USian railroad workers, a welcome respite from several days of watching and listening to fashionable cosmetic face people/talking heads on TV anxiously competing for air time and eyeballs trying to perfectly recite rehearsed and scripted lines and stories using august and portentous voice cadences and inflections describing the contrivances, machinations, manipulations, and antics of narcissistic USian politicians, who generally have the morals and ethics of an alley cat, in a so-called mid-term USian election November 8, 2022, in which democracy in the US was presumably saved from fascism for a longer period of time than most USians apparently thought it would be before the election.

Comment by RJS

“Working (and Striking) on the Railroad,” by Eve Ottenberg, COUNTERPUNCH,

November 11

Here’s another cogent article by Paul Street, this one about what the November 8 election really boils down to

“Twelve Takes on the Mid-Terms,” by Paul Street, COUNTERPUNCH,

November 11

Afraid Levine is right. Is it most Earthian humans cannot understand or afford good psychiatry, so they are sold pills on the cheap? And stay about as depressed as they were?

“What Are the Variables Associated with Depression?

“Twelve biological measures [including structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), task-based functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), resting state fMRI, and nine other biological measures] fail to distinguish ‘depressed’ from ‘healthy’ populations,” reports Sterling, “but two psychological variables clearly do so . . . . Depressed individuals were far more likely to report childhood trauma and far less likely to experience social supports.

“Once upon a time, it was not extraordinary for psychiatrists to actually spend time learning about their patients’ lives. However, as the New York Times reported in 2011 (‘Talk Doesn’t Pay, So Psychiatry Turns Instead to Drug Therapy’). A 2005 government survey found that just 11 percent of psychiatrists provided talk therapy to all patients, a share that had been falling for years and has most likely fallen more since.

“Today, it is a very unique psychiatrist—likely a “dissident psychiatrist”—who offers anything other than medication management (“med management” consists of 10 to 15 minutes every two or three months, checking symptoms and tweaking medications). The vast majority of psychiatrists offer nothing but biochemical-electrical attempts to reduce symptoms.”

Quote by Bruce E. Levine, author of the below article

“No Evidence for Psychiatry’s Depression Claims, Report Three 20221 Research Reviews,” by Bruce E. Levine, COUNTERPUNCH,

November 8

Say it ain’t so Joe. Lots of pictures, numbers, etc. about weapons of mass destruction included in the article

“China will focus on preparing for War, Xi JiNping declares,” by Rachael Bunyan, DAILY MAIL,

November 7

“Now, in Georgia, conservatives are turning a blind eye to sordid stories coming out about Herschel Walker, who demonstrates no qualifications for serving in the Senate. His sole credential is that he was once excellent at carrying a football.

“Story after story has emerged about reprehensible behavior and lies concerning women and children, and about falsifying his personal history.

“The Daily Beast asserted that while Walker wants to completely ban abortion, even in cases of rape, incest and the life of the mother, comparing it to murder, he paid for a girlfriend’s abortion in 2009. Walker has called the story “a flat-out lie,” but The Beast talked to the unnamed woman and checked her financial records. She said she was just sick of the hypocrisy. Even his conservative influencer son, Christian, disparaged his father’s “lies” on Twitter.

“On Friday, The Times published a story confirming The Daily Beast’s reporting, and in a startling development added that in 2011, Herschel pressured the same woman to have another abortion. They ended their relationship when she refused; she had their son, now 10.

“There’s more: His ex-wife claimed he pointed a pistol at her head and told her he was going to blow her brains out; he has four children with four different women, but hadn’t publicly acknowledged three of them. His 10-year-old was one of those hidden.

“Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republicans should be ashamed to promote this troubled person for their own benefit.”

Quote from “Donald and Herschel: The Unholy Alliance,”

“Donald and Herschel: The Unholy Alioance,” staff, DNZ,

October 27

Sad but true. Pejorative chauvinistic large powerful political parties foster polarization and hatred among the populace, leading to government by and for special interest groups with lots of money. They make circus-like charades out of elections to entertain sheeple and create an illusion of democracy. The US was never a democracy. It was a republic, a tenuous one according to Benjamin Franklin, who said the US was “a republic, if you can keep it.” Political parties were never mentioned in the US constitution. They are the creations of self-interested groups hoping to extract special benefits from the USian government and USian citizens in general.

“Why Large Powerful Political Parties Are Evil, by Richard John Stapleton, EFFECTIVE LEARNING REPORT,


Establishing democracy chapters around Spaceship Earth as recommended in the Effective Learning Publications novel As the Rooster Crows Earthian OKness Increases might develop consensual answers regarding existential matters from the bottom up that might help save Spaceship Earth. These ideas would filter up to randomly-selected humans who would count the consensual answers to make necessary changes. Consensual tactics, strategies, and policies would then be developed around Earth for dealing with the computerized Spaceship Earth management system, operated and controlled using artificial intelligence programming and supercomputers.

Randomly-selected groups of Earthian humans of high intelligence with impeccable moral and ethical character and credentials would control codes for changing the Earthian Magnum Computer System programming to implement bottom-up recommendations of millions of members in discussions in democracy chapters around Spaceship Earth. Each member of the group in charge of the codes for the magnum computer system would serve limited terms. These members would not vote or decide what to do. They would see to it that the computer system implemented the consensual answers of millions of Earthian humans from all walks of life, as determined by honest, free, fair, and frank democratic Game-free discussions in democracy chapters all around Spaceship Earth, as explained and shown in As the Rooster Crows Earthian OKness Increases. The overall objective would be to manage the system in such a way as to maximize the lifetime satisfactions of all Earthian humans, as well as all other species of life aboard Spaceship Earth, while insuring the indefinite functioning of all Spaceship Earth ecosystems.

Necessary moral and ethical requirements and constraints could be programmed in the Magnum Management System that Earthian humans at the top would be obliged to obey. If changes should be made in the moral and ethical codes in the overall program they would be sent back to the Earthian democracy chapters for discussion and then tabulated and analyzed before algorithms programmed in the system would create changes in the MMS operating system.  

This Magnum Computerized Management System would require a strict system of security controls like the current codes of nations possessing nuclear weapons, hopefully providing security several magnitudes more secure than current nuclear codes, to make sure a madman could not get in control of any aspect of the Magnum Spaceship Earth Management System.

A management system such as this would significantly improve previous systems used around Spaceship Earth that have historically empowered fickle, egotistical, greedy, power mad, grandiose, poorly educated, not-very-bright individual Earthian humans to make existential decisions affecting the OKness of thousands, millions, and billions of humans around Earth, an incredibly dumb thing to do, that has been done over and over again for millennia, resulting in incredible losses and suffering at various moments of history caused by the unfair and indiscriminate inexorable tunneling out of Bad, OK, or Good Luck for hundreds, thousands, millions, or billons of Earthian humans around Spaceship Earth at all times since time immemorial, resulting from the cosmic evolution commencing with the creation of the Universe some ten billion years ago.

A tough lesson for Earthian humans to accept propositioned in Effective Learning Publications books is that everything that happens in human states of affairs is either predetermined or accidental and therefore individuals are not to blame or praise for what happens in human states of affairs. This is easier to swallow after accepting that believing and acting otherwise will support and perpetuate the I’m OK—You’re Not OK life position that has bedeviled, sabotaged, and undermined Earthian humans since time immemorial, making losers out of most of them.

About the only way significant numbers of Earthian humans can be caused to be significantly changed psychologically and socially by others is through democratic face to face discussions in honest serious and rigorous dialectical, dialogical, analogical arguing about facts using reasoning of all kinds, dealing with Earthian human existential states of affairs.

What is considered natural, unnatural; normal, abnormal; right, wrong; ethical, unethical; righteous, sinful; worthy, unworthy; or sane or insane by a particular Earthian human is caused by information lodged in her/his brain caused to be lodged there by the concatenation of infinite cause-effect chains causing her/him to exist and slowly inch through the Earthian worm hole of existence inexorably tunneled out for her or him by her/his specific unbroken infinitely-regressing cause-effect chains inexorably-progressing throughout his/her infinitesimally short cosmic life, regardless of how Bad, OK, or Good that luck or fate might be as judged by any Earthian human; and all Earthian humans must keep on inching forward in their worm holes as best they can dealing with inevitable problems and opportunities caused to exist at that stage in their unique tunnels, as they are knocked around like balls in a pin-ball machine, as events inevitably and/or accidentally happen in their so-called real worlds, and in their subconscious and conscious minds, however Bad, OK, or Good their inherited Luck might have absolutely been, which cannot be proved, however easy it might be to relatively estimate.

It follows that changing the life scripts of Earthian humans for the better requires changing the course of unique tunnels of existence in which individual humans accidentally and inevitably live, a tall order indeed. Some biological constructivists would consider this notion a pipedream, while considering the whole process a meaningless drift in the infinity of time and space.

What is God? Whatever it was that caused the Universe to exist.

Constructivism is considered relevant in Effective Learning Publications books recommended below, having been discussed in some detail in Business Voyages and listed as a source in the bibliographies of three books.

For more information on the use of Transactional Analysis  to create better discussion groups and democratic processes read Born to Learn:  A Transactional Analysis of Human Learning

For more information on how to co-construct better organizations and economic systems using transactional analysis read Business Voyages:  Mental Maps, Scripts, Schemata, and Tools for Discovering and Co-Constructing Your Own Business Worlds

Read free “The Evolution of Spaceship Earth, Inc,”   for some management science ideas on how Earthian humans might eventually co-construct an economic system that is viable and satisfying for everyone aboard Spaceship Earth, making it possible for all Earthian humans to develop an I’m OK—You’re OK life position. 

Read As the Rooster Crows Earthian OKness Increases.

 This recently-published novel shows how to conduct a new kind of seminar invented and coordinated by Rout Logger, the protagonist of the novel, that might reduce the probability of Earthian human extinction that requires participants in a seminar to speak out and up when randomly selected by a Truther rooster positioned in the center of a randomly-selected group of forty humans sitting in a circle. The Truther rooster resembles a spinning weather vane. The rooster is programmed to bob its head up and down and raucously crow after being twirled by a randomly-selected seminar participant, as it spins round and round winding down, letting group members know it’s time to wake up and get to work, before it’s too late. When the Truther rooster stops spinning whoever is at the end of a line of imaginary fire extending from the rooster’s beak to her or him sitting in the circle is automatically selected as the Leader of the Moment for the group, proving pure democracy can happen. The Leader of the Moment must then lead the group into a democratic discussion of what s/he considers the most serious existential problem around Spaceship Earth.  Forty participants from all walks of life were paid $5000 monthly for participating in weekend seminars conducted in central city hotels in various cities randomly selected around the US. If randomly selected as the Leader of the Moment the participant had to define what s/he thought was the most important problem facing Spaceship Earth, present alternatives, and make a recommendation for change. What s/he said would then be discussed by members of the group on a free-flow first come-first serve basis. It was against the law of the seminar to interrupt speakers or raise hands to get permission to speak. Discussions lasted until they ran out of steam with most issues covered. The results of the discussions would be published to the wealthy donors financing the process and the Earthian public.

Rout Logger was convinced most Earthian humans would not volunteer to participate in this sort of seminar to merely help save Spaceship Earth from GWCC and/or MNWP using their Nurturing Parent, Adult, and Free Child Ego States, given the reality that their life time and energy was already programmed and consumed with various forms of withdrawal, rituals, pastimes, psychological Games, activities, and intimacy in their unique tunnels of reality, as they acted out their inherited life scripts; so they were paid $5000 per month to participate in a Game-free, Adult-Adult democratic seminar that would require them to honestly discuss existential problems with forty other participants from disparate walks of life, if they were randomly selected by the spinning Truther Rooster as the Leader of the Moment.

According to Effective Learning Publications books, achieving Earthian human sustainability entails such things as Earthian humans peacefully reducing through natural attrition (natural deaths exceeding births) the human population aboard Spaceship Earth, never doing work that machines can do better, and delegating the day-to-day management of systems for scheduling, producing, and distributing the necessities of life to artificial intelligence programs and supercomputers, assuming sufficient quantities of non-human clean energy can be discovered and developed using mind grants.

The general algorithmic matrix algebra form below that can help bring this state of affairs about

Max CjXj, s.t. AijXj ≤, =, or ≥ Bi

is explained in “The Evolution of Spaceship Earth, Inc.” at  .

This mathematical formulation might one happy day develop for Earthian humans power in economics loosely analogous to the power of E=mc2 in physics. This formulation, Max or Min CjXj, subject to, AijXj ≤, =, or ≥ Bi, is a general form of the linear programming model, which has been around for many years in management science, operations research, and linear algebra courses.

Max CjXj, s.t. AijXj ≤, =, or ≥ Bi symbolizes knowledge that gives the Earthian human species about as much potential power to perpetuate itself as Albert Einstein’s formula E=mc2 symbolizes knowledge that gives the Earthian human species the power to exterminate itself.

Riding aboard an airliner about to land at night traveling at four hundred miles an hour at thirty-five thousand feet with clouds, rain, wind, and lightning below, what would you rather have figuring out the path, speed, and angle of descent of the aircraft for touch-down, the plane’s auto-pilot, radar, and computer system or the pilot and co-pilot, seeing nothing out their windows below but clouds and lightning?

The main reason why delegating the scheduling, production, and distribution of the necessities of life to AI programs and magnum computers would be a good idea is that magnum computers and algorithmic AI programs do not get greedy and power hungry or play psychological Games. Thus far in Earthian human history most leaders and rulers atop large organizations such as nations have become corrupt one way or another playing psychological Games, acting out selfish greedy ego trips, hogging all the power, money, strokes, stimulation, and recognition they could get their hands on for themselves and their cronies, leaving the hindmost to their underlings. Whatever their limitations and possible threats, algorithmic computer programs and super computers are not egotistical, greedy, and power-hungry.

Thanks to Buckminster Fuller for providing the above airplane-landing metaphor in his book Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, first published in 1969, and for planting seeds for other ideas in the essay “The Evolution of Spaceship Earth, Inc.,” published in the Effective Learning Report, such as computers being the best hope for mankind and humans not doing work machines can do better, being paid to think instead with what Fuller called mind grants. Fuller said unemployment all around Spaceship Earth could be eliminated overnight with mind grants. Buckminster Fuller was the inventor of the appellations Earthian and Spaceship Earth.   

Most Earthian humans like to win BALANCE SHEET psychological Games, to feel superior and lord it over others, regardless if Spaceship Earth is going to hell in a handbasket around them because of global warming and climate change (GWCC) and militarization and nuclear weapons proliferation (MNWP), regardless of how much they have failed in other areas of their lives, and regardless of how heinous were crimes and misdemeanors they may have gotten away with in the process of amassing their riches, since they were saved, as it were, by taking in and controlling more almighty monetary units than other lesser mortals, saved, hallelujah, as if by Jesus, who forgave them their sins.

If you want to learn more about transactional analysis, such as Ego States, Scripts, and psychological Games, read Born to Learn: A Transactional Analysis of Human Learning.

Most Earthian humans know what it is to be egotistical, but they have little understanding of how specific human egotistical manifestations, such as Parent, Adult, and Child ego states, can be used to control and manipulate human behavior for nefarious ends.

One of the biggest egotists of Earthian human history, a narcissist, playing BALANCE SHEET psychological Games, is Donald Trump of the US. He is also a world-class liar and loser playing BALANCE SHEET, and he might go to jail for it, just like other political USian BALANCE SHEET psychological Game players in the US have, such as Georgia US representative, Bo Ginn, in 1995, and cotton farmer Billie Sol Estes of Pecos, Texas in 1965, who had political ties to the USian president from Texas Lyndon Johnson, caused by their lying to bankers about the ratio of their liabilities to their assets to get loans, while actually being almost bankrupt with liabilities exceeding assets. The USian federal government, and other Earthian governments, can legally, if not ethically, get away with this sort of thing indefinitely, but most citizens or subjects of most Earthian countries cannot.

Trump psychologically told voters and bankers using his Parent ego state he was extorting votes and money from he was a stable genius and billionaire who could pay them back for their votes and loans. How many billions worth of a billionaire he was he never said, at least not to voters, arithmetic not being his strong suit; but it now appears it’s possible he’s no billionaire at all, using generally-accepted accounting principles and real market values, which he has refused to show since walking on the USian political stage for the 2016 presidential election. It’s possible he’s no kind of naire at all, not even a millionaire, having liabilities that exceed the market value of his assets, being close to bankruptcy.

It now appears as shown in recent public posts that Trump, his loyal Trump Organization lackeys, and his chosen loyal family members lied to bankers about his net worth to get loans, proving once again that “All that glitters is not gold.”

P.T. Barnum is said to have proved there’s a sucker born every minute. If so, Trump may have proved there’s a sucker born every second, in high and low places.

If you have ideas on how to democratically discuss in Game-free ways (devoid of Persecutor, Rescuer, and Victim roles) economic and political problems and opportunities go to the Ogeechee Economic Forum at and scroll up to and click on the RESPONSES tab at the top of this blog page and speak out about them in writing.

If you feel you’ve gained value from THE EARTHIAN, go to the Internet or any walk-in bookstore around Spaceship Earth and purchase or order one or more Effective Learning Publications books. As the Rooster Crows Earthian OKness Increases is the latest and probably most engaging Effective Learning Publications book, including an overview of USian economic history, including the Trumpian affair. Rout Logger is the protagonist of the novel story. It’s available now at Amazon for immediate unrestricted digital reading on any device as a Kindle book for $4.99. You can read it free at Amazon in a restricted KDP option.

For short run policies and strategies for dealing with USian economic and political problems read free the platform of the FreeFairProgressParty at


Richard John Stapleton, PhD, CTA would spin the spinner of his Classroom De-Gamer™ in his classes to randomly select a student at the beginning of each class session to lead a discussion of the case assigned for the day, a case taken from a planned or operating business prepared by casewriters at Georgia Southern, Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Alabama.

Grades were based eighty percent on class participation in dialectical discussions about what to do about problems and opportunities found in cases; the rest of the final grade was based on two case write-ups. One write-up was about what the student observed, researched, analyzed, and wrote about an existing business in the local environment or a business plan the student created. The other write-up was an analysis of a case researched and written by professors about a business assigned as the final exam. Cases used in his courses contained processes, problems, opportunities, and data occurring in all functional areas of business such as entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, operations management, control, management information systems, and business policy and strategy.

He has published refereed journal articles and books explaining how his democratic Game-free Adult-Adult I’m OK—You’re OK case method system works, by banishing Persecutors, Rescuers, and Victims playing psychological Games from the teaching and learning process, first documented in an article titled “The Classroom De-Gamer” he published in 1978 in the Transactional Analysis Journal. He has published seven books and over one hundred articles in various media containing cases, research data, and essays on teaching and learning and management policies and practices.

He learned and trained using transactional analysis with Martin Groder, MD; Graham Barnes, PhD; Vann Joines, PhD; and many others at the Southeast Institute at Chapel Hill, North Carolina (1975-1978).

He learned how the case method works teaching with Bernard Bienvenu, DBA and Rexford Hauser, DBA (Harvard Business School doctorates) at the University of Louisiana–Lafayette in 1969-70.

He has a BS in economics (1962), an MBA in organizational behavior (1966), and a PhD in management science (1969) from Texas Tech University, and an organizational and educational certification in transactional analysis (CTA) from the International Transactional Analysis Association (1978).

He taught his own case method track at the undergraduate level in the management department of the business school at Georgia Southern University offering four or five different elective case method courses each academic year (1970-2005), in which he led, coordinated, and graded about twenty-five or so students each year who took all or most of those case method courses in their junior and senior years, of about two hundred students who signed up for all his courses each year. He used a democratic circle or amphitheater classroom layout in all his classes. He also taught most semesters two sections of a capstone integrative business policy course he added to the business school curriculum in 1970 that was required for all undergraduate business majors that could be elected by any student in any major.  He was the only professor in the business school to use the case method in any course.

His students agreed to a course learning contract that stipulated they would read the facts of the case before class and would lose a whole letter grade from the course final grade if the De-Gamer randomly caught them obviously not having read the case before class, if they had not slipped a note under his office door before class telling him they had not read the case, which they could do twice during the course without penalty.

About ten percent of his students made A’s and about five percent made D’s. Most made C’s, which is about right, since C = Average. There were few F’s in his courses. The main criterion for course grades was the quantity and quality of ideas sold by students in case method discussions. He used peer ratings to give students feedback showing what their fellow students thought about the quantity and quality of their ideas sold in class, having made it clear the final decision about final grades was his. He did not believe in Lake Wobegon grading.

No student was ever forced to take one of his courses to graduate, and the most hardened Game-players in the school did not sign up for his courses after he issued his Edict of 1972 in which he clearly spelled out in his syllabi the penalty for getting caught unprepared. His Classroom De-Gamer™ was roundly discussed by students in bull sessions across campus every year and was labeled various things, such as The Wheel of Fate and The Death Wheel. Most students near the end of his career simply called it The Spinner.

He appreciated Georgia Southern honoring his academic freedom by allowing him control of his teaching methods, classroom layouts, grading procedures, and course books, cases, and materials, some of which he researched, wrote, and published. He was promoted to full professor at age thirty-six.

He collected longitudinal research data using questionnaires in 1992 showing his case method students during 1972-1982 reported higher yearly incomes in 1992 than students electing the same courses in 1972-1982 taught by professors using the authoritarian lecture method and the militaristic row and column classroom layout, who graded students based on memorizing or calculating  “right answers” for tests, indicating learners learning in Adult—Adult I’m OK—You’re OK Game-free democratic learning processes graded subjectively became more successful in the real world of business than learners lectured to and graded using so-called objective multiple-choice tests.  

Only former students who had worked in the real world ten or more years after graduating from the Georgia Southern business school were included in the study. The data are shown, analyzed, and discussed in full in “Evidence the Case Method Works” in his book Business Voyages: Mental Maps, Scripts, Schemata, and Tools for Discovering and Co-Constructing Your Own Business Worlds, 2008, pg. 475). The data were also used in several refereed articles.

For more information on related classroom management ethical issues see Stapleton, R.J. and Murkison, G. (2001), “Optimizing the fairness of student evaluations: A study of correlations between instructor excellence, study production, learning production, and expected grades,” in the Journal of Management Education, 25(3), 269-292.

Stapleton had one of the lowest student grade point averages among professors in the business school and was one of the lowest-ranked professors as an instructor on computerized campus-wide student evaluations that weighted only instructor excellence scores up to 2000; but he was one of the highest-ranked professors in a computerized student evaluation he designed that generated data also showing and weighting study production, learning production, and expected grades scores for each professor, published in “Optimizing the Fairness of Student Evaluations.”

To read the Optimizing Fairness article in full, go to . After this research was published, Georgia Southern in 2001 added study production, learning production, and expected grades questions to the student evaluation form used campus-wide.

“Optimizing the Fairness of Student Evaluations” has by now (October 24, 2022) been cited as a reference in 83 refereed journal articles concerned about the ethics of student evaluations in several academic disciplines, including eight new citations since April 2021.

As the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein propositioned, “The case is all there is.”

If so, everything else said about Earthian human states of affairs is a rendition of what was or might be.

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