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Or So It Seems to Me Today

By Richard John Stapleton, PhD, CTA

My weltanschauung has not changed much since the publication of The Earthian 3 last month; but unfortunately it does seem to me the Doomsday Clock has moved several more nanoseconds closer to Midnight.

Earthians are in a Catch-22 damned if they do and damned if they don’t situation; caught between a rock and a hard spot, or the devil and the deep blue sea; up the creek without a paddle; caught behind the eight ball; enmeshed more than ever in a Gordian Knot of rising obscene income and wealth inequality, financial manipulation, environmental destruction, global warming, military hatred, and social misery; sorely in need of rational and benevolent political leadership; being generally ruled at the highest levels by thugs, bullies, and ruffians who have taken over political playgrounds.

Thanks to unbridled sexual urges humans continue to breed children at a geometric rate, adding more and more humans to an already overpopulated Earth, requiring more and more production of goods for humans to consume, requiring the destruction of more and more natural resources, creating more and more pollution of Earth’s atmosphere, creating more and more global warming, which seems to be accelerating more than experts thought it would, creating more and more competition among people and nations for diminishing resources, creating more and more fear and hatred among people and nations, causing more and more production of war materials and military expenditures for military hardware and troops, leading to more and more military tensions around Earth, increasing the probability a madman will shoot off a big nuclear bomb that lands on a big city, setting off a catastrophe that could lead to human extinction.

If nuclear weapons don’t bring on a catastrophe global warming will, as sea levels rise and Earth gets so hot food cannot be grown in most places, assuming significant reductions in atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane do not happen, as seems likely, as humans continue to irresponsibly produce too many new hungry mouths to feed caused by their unrestrained sexual appetites, even assuming abortions are not made illegal by moral extremists in more and more countries, thereby precluding peacefully reducing the human population aboard Spaceship Earth through attrition, natural deaths exceeding births over time, to eliminate the need to destroy more and more natural resources and burn more and more fossil fuel, and on an on, thereby exacerbating and accelerating dangerous global processes and trends causing the Doomsday Clock to tell the time it does.

In other words, the deck is stacked against us.

I have used the word Earthian since encountering it in the 1970s in Buckminster Fuller’s book Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. It is my understanding that Fuller invented the word Earthian, and the appellation Spaceship Earth, implying Earth is something that has to be preserved by humans monitoring regular interdependent physical processes in the infinity of airless time and space–such as, for example, trees and other plants emitting oxygen that humans and other animals breath; with humans, other animals, and various processes emitting carbon dioxide that plants ingest, to make new oxygen in hopefully never ending interdependent closed systems. Such systems have to remain in synchronous interdependent regularities, requiring not cutting down and burning too many trees, and not putting too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere burning fossil fuels, as humans should know by now given what they have heard, seen, and read in various media about global warming, evidenced first-hand by anyone merely walking outside these days in broad daylight, feeling the heat coming down as if emitted from a heat lamp three feet away–and by daily posts on the Internet about heat and wildfires burning anything that will burn on various spots of terra firma around Spaceship Earth.

What is an Earthian? The term includes more than humans: it includes all species of fauna and flora around Earth.

The purpose of The Earthian is to advocate preserving all species around Spaceship Earth, not just human cultures and right wing or left wing political extremists, especially rich oligarchs now constructing themselves underground bunkers to survive what they call “The Event” that they think will wipe out most humans. The purpose of The Earthian is not to cause humans to learn something just for the sake of learning it, or something that might make their personal lives better, but to learn something that might help all species aboard Spaceship Earth survive, by encouraging humans to become better stockholders and managers of what I call Spaceship Earth, Inc.

See my article “Toward the Creation of Spaceship Earth Incorporated,” published in MWC News (Media With Conscience) for some hopeful ideas on how humans might pull Spaceship Earth out of its nosedive into catastrophe.

As usual this month’s The Earthian links and cites recent articles written and published by clear and deep thinking hard hitting independent writers in various Internet publications on ecological, economic, social, political, religious, and military affairs around Spaceship Earth. I generally agree with these writers about the overall lay of the land, but each of them brought up facts, analyses, conclusions, ideas, or perspectives that were new to me when I read them during the last thirty days or so, thereby teaching me something, which is why I included them in this issue of The Earthian. I start off this month citing my article, not the deepest or most cogent of those cited, but presenting a fuller analysis of what caused me to write this month’s “Or So It Seems To Me” editorial comment.


October 14, 2018

In this article I point out some human processes that make it hard to change the course of human history; but I also recommend some processes for dealing with them, however unlikely it is significant changes will be made any time soon–yet hopefully happening before it’s too late.

SOURCE: “Whence We Came, Whither We Go,” by Richard John Stapleton, EFFECTIVELEARNING.NET,

October 13

Are hurricanes getting worse because of global warming and climate change? Pity the poor folks who lost everything they had. Any of us living in the Caribbean, near the Gulf of Mexico, or near the east coast of the US could be next.

SOURCE: “With Sniffer Dogs and Hope, Rescue Teams Comb Shambles Left by Hurricane Michael,” by Particia Mazzei and Audra D. S. Burch, NEWYORKTIMES.COM,

October 13

So it seems

SOURCE: “Stark political divide points to a split decision in midterm elections,” by Paul Kane, the Washington Post, GAZETTEMAIL.COM,

October 13

To be or not to be a “people pleaser” will bedevil Michael Moore for some time, but probably not Obama, Biden, and Schumer, certainly not Trump, but the facts here show how difficult it is to discern what is really going on, and who is or is not to blame or praise for what. It seems we the people have had it no matter what.

SOURCE: “Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 11/9′ Shows Democrats’ Complicity in Electing Trump,” by Bruce E. Levine, TRUTHOUT.ORG,

October 13

It’s a shame that Trump does not want to stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia because a Washington Post columnist was allegedly killed by the Saudis in their embassy in Turkey; but he is fine with selling the Saudis arms to be used to kill thousands of innocent women and children in Yemen.

SOURCE: “Trump doesn’t want to stop arms sales deal with Saudi Arabia over missing journalist,” by Christal Hayes, USATODAY.COM,

October 12

Let’s hope Pepe Escobar’s prediction is off the mark, however plausible it seems.

SOURCE: “Future of Western Democracy Being Played Out in Brazil,” by Pepe Escobar, in Paris, Special to CONSORTIUMNEWS.COM,

October 11

Not quite like trying to balance your family checking account, is it? In a case like this if you try enough things sooner or later something just might work, such as running for president of the US.

SOURCE: “You think the NY Times story on Trump’s Taxes was Revealing? There’s more…” by xaxnar Community, DAILYKOS.COM,

October 11

Yeah, right

SOURCE: “Susan Collins Gets Six Figure Dark Money Payback For Kavanaugh ‘Yes’ Vote. But It’s Not A ‘Bribe’,” by Seashells Community, DAILYKOS.COM,

October 9

Say it ain’t so Joe

SOURCE: “Americans are Stuck in Abusive Relationships with Power,” by Michael Krieger, LIBERTYBLITZREIG.COM,

October 9

Not surprising

SOURCE: “Nikki Haley’s resignation comes one day after an ethics watchdog requested an investigation into her acceptance of free flights on private jets,” by Allan Smith, BUSINESSINSIDER.COM,

October 9

Say it ain’t so Joe

SOURCE: “Can’t Hit the Snooze Button no More,” by Marc Salomon, COUNTERPUNCH.ORG,

October 9

Say it ain’t so Joe

SOURCE: “Earth’s Ice Loss ‘Is a Nuclear Explosion of Geologic Change’,” by Dahr Jamail, TROUTHOUT.ORG,

October 9

Never heard that story exactly that way before.

SOURCE: “Christopher Columbus and the potato that changed the world,” by Steve Hendrix,

October 9

Paul Craig Roberts again tells it like he sees it.

SOURCE: “Erasing History, Diplomacy, Truth, and Life on Earth,” by Paul Craig Roberts, PAULCRAIGROBERTS.ORG,

October 6

Some graphic pictures

SOURCE: “South Carolina Still Grappling With Historic Flooding From Florence,” by Julie Dermansky, TRUTHOUT.ORG,

October 6

An interesting case of adaptation to the 2007 neoliberal ripoff.

SOURCE: “Waiting for Iceland’s Brave Stance Against Neoliberalism, 10 Years Later,” by Sam Knight, TRUTHOUT.ORG,

October 4


SOURCE: “US Openly Threatens Russia with War: Goodbye Diplomacy, Hello Stone Age,” by Peter Korzun, STRATEGIC-CULTURE.ORG,

October 4

So it seems

SOURCE: “Charting a Jagged Course Through the Apocalypse,” by Bill Blunden, COUNTERPUNCH.ORG,

October 4


As mentioned in an email to my friends here is an update for the first Game-free BIG (Business Innovation Group) Business Planning course I have taught at the GA SO Univ City Campus in Statesboro, Georgia, located at

We have now had two sessions of ten two-hour sessions planned for the course at 7-9 p.m on Monday evenings in the BIG facility. The first one lasted two and one-half hours and attracted four participants; the second one lasted one and one-half hours and attracted five participants.

Learning happened in both sessions. The sessions started off with an opportunity for participants to talk about whatever business planning thoughts they have been having about any problem–personal, local, national, or international–and get feedback from others in the group. The sessions then evolved into discussions of specific business planning issues participants have been working with.

From time to time I offered suggestions for information in my Business Voyages book (furnished free to participants) to learn general business planning concepts, techniques, and procedures.

All people in a capitalistic society such as we have in the US are on a business voyage whether they realize it or not. Their business planning issues are different at various ages and stages of life, but they all have business planning issues.

We expect to gain more participants as we go along. As I have pointed out this is an innovative course with no tests, no grades, and no teacher evaluations, that is non-sequential, i.e., learning in any session does not depend on learning gained in any other session. The course is basically a case method course in which participants learn about whatever business planning issues they happen to have on their minds that night, and the participants are the cases.

So far we have three participants working on specific things to do to make their business plans come true, which we hope they do, who can get feedback from the group in any session about what they think they have accomplished to actualize their plans.

It’s never too late to attend a session. If you cannot make session three, the next one, come to session six, or nine, or any session; if you can’t stay for the full two hours just get up and leave when you need to; join in the discussions if you want to if you come, if not that’s ok; but come and learn and teach something. You’ll be glad you did.

Once again the street address for the Business Innovation Group at the GA SO Univ City Campus is 58 East Main Street, Statesboro, Georgia, USA. The time for the next BIG Business Planning course session is 7-9 p.m. this coming Monday night. Hope to see you then and there.
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Feel free to forward, share, copy, or otherwise disseminate this update any way you see fit.

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October 4

Here is Henry Giroux in 2008 writing about the possibilities Obama posed for creating a more integrated and powerful progressive intellectual force in US culture. For sure Obama was a vast improvement over Bush II, a low point for intellectualism in the White House. But here we are now in 2018 with Trump in the White House, without a doubt creating the lowest intellectual level ever reached in the White House, a president who goes around the country working his supporters into mob frenzies using simple bigoted vulgar sentences, coming across as an illiterate bully leading other bullies and ruffians who have taken over the playground at recess.

SOURCE: “Obama and the Promise of Education,” by Henry A. Giroux, TRUTHOUT.ORG,

October 4

Tells it like it is

SOURCE: “How The Rich Are Destroying The Planet,” by Leslie Thatcher, TRUTHOUT.ORG,

October 4

Say it ain’t so Joe

SOURCE: “For Trump supporters, ‘the cruelty is the point,’ : Adam Serwer for The Atlantic,” by Dartagan Community, DAILYKOS.COM,–The-Cruelty-Is-The-Point-Adam-Serwer-for-The-Atlantic.

October 3

Another nail for the potential coffin, but so what. Our illustrious political hacks in Washington approved him anyway, one hundred percent party line voting. Talk about bought and paid for politicians. This is it.

SOURCE: “150 mental health professionals sign letter calling for psychological assessment of Brett Kavanaugh,” by Walter Einenkel, DAILYKOS.COM,

October 2

Say it ain’t so Joe

SOURCE: “How the American media were destroyed,” by Paul Craig Roberts, INTREPIDREPORT.COM,

October 2

Generally agree except for his statement about free will. Seems to me people are caused to feel, think, and do what they do, sometimes by preachers and religions.

SOURCE: “Here’s the Truth Behind Thomas Jefferson’s Resolutely Liberal View of Religion: Are Thomas Jefferson’s not-so-radical religious views a remedy for the moral illnesses of our day,” by History News Network, ALTERNET.ORG,

October 2


SOURCE: “The Changing American Population, 1610-2010,” by Manuel Garcia, Jr., COUNTERPUNCH.ORG,

October 2

Great idea. Go for it.

SOURCE: “A Boost for the Worker-Owned Economy,” by Fran Korten, TRUTHOUT.ORG,

October 1

Here are three great articles by Courtenay Barnett, an international lawyer and Effective Learning Report correspondent living in the Caribbean about problems on the Turks and Caicos Islands caused by UK authorities mishandling mentally ill people, problems maybe worse than what US authorities inflict on mentally ill prisoners in the US.

SOURCE: “Mental Illness and Prison,” by Courtenay Barnett, SUNTCI.COM,;;

October 1

Want a straightforward answer to this question? Here are some of the best I have seen. My wife told me today she heard on NPR the US is now increasing troops on the ground in Syria. If so this is a horrible mistake, possibly bringing on WWIII by threatening Russia. Why does the warmongering warmaking US keep trying to wipe out all strong regimes in the Middle East and North Africa? To better control the oil supply of course, but also to make it seem spending almost one trillion dollars per year on the US military is doing some good.

SOURCE: “What is the cause of the Syrian War in 2018?,” by Quora, QUORA.COM,

September 30

Say it ain’t so Joe. The repugs are destroying the US government, knowing full well these tax cuts are disastrous for the country as a whole. They just don’t care. They are stealing everything they can get their hands on while they can with their control of the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives.

SOURCE: “Under the Fog of Kavanaugh, House passes $3.8 Trillion More in Tax Cuts,” by Glenn Fleishman, FORTUNE.COM,

September 30

Food for thought

SOURCE: How Do We Change Our Lives in a System That’s Broken?,” by Charles Hugh Smith, CHARLESHUGHSMITH.BLOGSPOT.COM,

September 30

It’s a new form of war.

SOURCE: “‘It’s the Economy, Stupid’: What Really Drives US Sanctions Against Russia,” by Arkady Savitsky, STRATEGIC-CULTURE.ORG,

September 29

I agree. While this sort of thing will make some small business entrepreneurs better off than they otherwise would have been, it will not make much difference in the overall state of affairs; the rich will continue to get richer and the poor and middle class will continue to stagnate or go down. The only things that will make significant change are things like significantly raising the tax rates of the rich, cutting military spending, and funding infrastructure projects to benefit the real US economy, creating aggregate demand for small businesses. In the long run you need to internationalize all large corporations producing the necessities of life and use management science techniques to distribute the output, along the lines of what I recommend in my seminal article, “The Evolution of Spaceship Earth, Inc.”

SOURCE: “Why Real Change Won’t Come From Billionnaire Philantropists,” by Richard Florida, CITYLAB.COM,

September 27

Say it ain’t so Joe

SOURCE: “Trump’s UN General Assembly dissembling and rage,” by Stephen Lendman, INTREPEDREPORT.COM,

September 27

Wish I had known how to sleep better in high school.

SOURCE: “4 Tips for Better Sleep This School Year,” by Joyce Wilson, EFFECTIVELEARNING.NET,

September 26

Right on. Mainstream media are wrestling-like. We are living in a simulacrum.

SOURCE: “Professiional Wrestling and the Media,” by Jeff Thomas, INTERNATIONALMAN.COM,

September 24

Sounds about right to me.

SOURCE: “Naked Emperors Don’t Get Much Respect,” by Robert Gove, STRAIGHTLINELOGIC.COM,

September 25

Say it ain’t so Joe

SOURCE: “Forty-five Blows Against Democracy: How US Military Bases Back Dictators, Autocrats and Military Regimes,” by David Vine, TRUTHOUT.ORG,

September 25

Bring back Dan Rather

SOURCE: “Paul Craig Roberts: Welcome to the Truth-Free World,” ZEORHEDGE.COM,

September 25


SOURCE: “The Four Diastrous Presidential Policies That Are Destroying The Nation,” ZEROHEDGE.COM,

September 24

Yep, it’s bleak all right.

SOURCE: “Why the American empire has lost control–and its failure is imminent –,” by Brian Bethune, MACLEANS.CA,

September 24

Say it aint so Joe

SOURCE: “Lest we forget one of Washington’s greatest crimes,” by William Blum, INTREPIDREPORT.COM,

September 23

For good reason I suppose

SOURCE: “US Nuclear Safety: A Critical Problem That Has Largely Been Kept Out of the Public Eye,” by Peter KorZun, STRATEGIC-CULTURE.ORG,

September 23

Crazy world we live in no doubt about that.

SOURCE: “Down with the Working Classes!,” by C. J. Hopkins, UNZ.COM,

October 23

Socialism at its worst. No free market competition here. Everything is managed from the top down based on nefarious trade-offs and negotiations. Nobody knows what a F-35 really ought to cost. According to the Internet the cost might be about one hundred million dollars per plane, some $1.5 trillion for the whole program, per

SOURCE: “The Living Reality of Military-Economic Fascism,” by Robert Higgs, MISES.ORG,


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