By Courtenay Barnett


“ Ladies and Gentlemen of the Forum – we have reached the point in this case where the Defense has to state that which is thought to support the Defenses’s case; however,  we too have to be balanced and it is ultimately His Honour who holds and weighs the scale of justice with impartiality. His Honour should remind you that you are the sole Judges of the facts.

“ I shall be brief in what I have to say – but shall first preface – then deliver as succinctly as I can.

“ No doubt – most members of this Forum are high school graduates. What a coincidence – for I too managed to graduate from High School. Now, recalling all these many years ago, I do remember two types of teachers. There were the ones who took simple theorems, concepts and formulae and chose to make them complex. Then there were those who took complex theorems, concepts and formulae and chose to make them simple. Well, if I were to be a teacher I would follow the effective path of the latter. I am a lawyer – so – let me try.

“Mr. Epstein was charged, before his death, for the offences you shall have to consider when you deliberate. Like the non-complex teacher – all that is alleged there is clear and simple – stated in equally simple language.

“But, like the complex teacher let me elaborate on what the Prosecution says is obvious and self-evident.

“There is central to this case what I shall simply call ‘Epstein Island’ where many rich and powerful men visited ( mostly men but allegedly a few women.)

“ So, if any of you are pious, religious and Godly, then you will visit on the appointed day a Church or a Mosque or a Synagogue or a Temple to worship and pray for sanctification and a cleansing subject to the God, as you conceive of and believe in.

“If a man (or woman), by parity of reasoning, visits a whore-house, then it is evident that the visit is not one for sanctification but is for sexual gratification by preying upon others for reasons of indulgences in the flesh.

 “The latter sums up this Epstein case.

“Epstein is now dead, allegedly by suicide hanging in a maximum security prison, but a coroner’s report says a broken bone in his neck is more commonly caused by choking homicide, and loud shrieks allegedly coming from his cell were allegedly heard in the prison, as guards near the cell slept, as Epstein died.

“Will we ever know the truth of this with certainty? Possibly not. No one may know (except the killers, if such existed), even the coroners, who seemingly do not know with certainty whether the death was caused by suicide or homicide, although they ruled it a suicide, and thus that for now shall be the official ‘narrative’ in public proclamations. 

“Many criminals in effect are above the law in most cultures by virtue of being rich enough, powerful enough, and clever enough to avoid prosecutions and convictions, and there may be some enmeshed in this case, including some very prominent names in at least three cultures—US, UK, and Israel—Trump, the Clintons, Prince Andrew, Wexler, Maxwell, Dershowitz, Richardson, among others, who were enticed into and/or linked to Epstein’s interests, activities and domains.

“Humans that flock together are not always of the same feather, and therefore we should not rush to judgment, or take our responsibilities lightly, being cognizant that this disgraceful nefarious episode will negatively influence human feelings and thoughts and possibly behaviors around Earth for a long time.

“ The ‘evidence’ is there before you on the Internet, easily found with a Google search.

“However, like the unnecessarily complex teacher I shall in short order explain ‘evidence’ – direct testimony, as you can hear and read on the Internet – documentary ( inclusive of air flight records) – circumstantial – corroborative – and all together similar fact evidence ( i.e. different people, who are not connected, save and except having had the same unfortunate experiences at different times – saying  very similar things as regards the modus operandi of the entire Epstein sex trafficking operation).

“Who do you believe – that is solely for you to decide based upon the facts and evidence and your application of a clean conscience duly applied to the objective of ensuring that justice ( as you may conceive it to be) is to be delivered to these several women ( then merely under age and/or compelled sex slaves) – with due regards for how you assess the facts.

“Your Honour, I promised to be brief and do apologise for extending for an unduly long time.  My complex non-effective High School teachers would truly have been proud of me.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Earthian Morals and Ethics Forum –  this case actually does not have to be complex based upon the facts as the Defense has led.

“I remain appreciative notwithstanding my lack of brevity.

“I have thus said as much as I intend to – and – to you also Ladies and Gentlemen of the Earthian Morals and Ethics Forum – I remain grateful.”


* COURTENAY BARNETT is a graduate of London University. His areas of study were economics, political science and international law. He has been a practising lawyer for over thirty years, has been arrested for defending his views, has been subjected to death threats, and has argued public interest and human rights cases. He lives and works in the Caribbean.


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