Democratic Discussions: Stories about Fact, Fiction, Good, and Evil: Part Five


Following is a podcast by Richard Wolff showing how to make small businesses and countries fairer and more productive using a democratic case discussion process.

This discussion process is similar to what I used thirty-five years in my business school case method courses at Georgia Southern University. For more of my thoughts on democratic discussions, read a free copy of my book Business Voyages: Mental Maps, Scripts, Schemata, and Tools for Discovering and Co-Constructing Your Own Business Worlds, by clicking here

Richard Wolff has been an economics professor all of his adult life. He has degrees from Harvard and Yale and has taught at several leading universities. He now teaches at The New School in New York City and is an active and prolific public speaker and writer throughout the US and abroad. In this podcast Richard interviews another Richard from New Zealand, a young man, who has developed a computer software system he calls Loomio that facilitates democratic discussion processes on the Internet.

Hear Richard Wolff talking with Richard Bartlett about a participatory democracy process that produced significant change in the government of Taiwan by clicking the Truth-out post below. As Richard Wolff points out in the conversation this development in Taiwan is a positive political innovation and accomplishment of historic significance, which has not been reported in US mainstream media.

Participatory democracy is something we desperately need in the US as a whole and in businesses. This podcast contains some of the best ideas I have heard for changing course so as to avoid the economic, political, and military disasters that loom ahead. Give it a listen by clicking the Truth-out post below.

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Richard John Stapleton, Editor and Publisher, Effective Learning Report,, April 22, 2017

Economic Update: Enabling Worker Co-ops

by Richard Wolff

As posted in Truth-out

Friday, April 21, 2017