Another great article by Dave Lindorff in Counterpunch

US neocon and neoliberal warmongers have once again gotten their way with no hard evidence justifying their illegal action. As usual the US people are about equally split on the issue, fifty percent in favor of the bombing, fifty percent opposed. The most frustrating war in the world is the un-civil political war having been fought in the US for decades between greedy and mindless ideologues on the right and left, who, so far, have primarily used words, fake news, dogmas, doctrines, conspiracies, plots, and money as weapons trying to reign supreme in the US, so far confining their bombings and battlefield shootings to other countries.

As I pointed out in “Doing Business Under the Sun” in the Effective Learning Report a major cause of war is people feeling superior to scapegoats because of taking credit for the way their personalities and behaviors were determined by their family scripts, ego states, religions, and cultures in infinite cause-effect chains, when their free will had almost nothing to do with it.

Richard John Stapleton, Effective Learning Report, 32 East Main Street, Statesboro, Georgia,, April 10, 2017

by Dave Lindorff
President Donald Trump campaigned last year making the sensible argument that the US should no longer…