Mind: The Languages of Reason

Here is a new book authored by William John Cox


and a YouTube link to A Reading and Video Scroll of Mind by the author.


Wm Cox and I (Richard John Stapleton) started our lives here on Earth living in or near Wolfforth, Texas, in Northwest Texas, in the 1940s, ten miles southwest of Lubbock, Texas, in the Texas Panhandle. We were both descended from cotton farmers living in the Deep South going back to the American Revolution. Wm had a tougher time of it than I did, becoming orphaned when he was ten years old. He moved away in high school and we never saw one another again in person, having renewed our friendship on the Internet about ten years ago.

I have read several of Wm’s books and have found them thoughtful and amazingly insightful using scientific and mathematical concepts.

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RJS, Editor & Publisher, Effective Learning Report