Problems with the Deep State

by Richard John Stapleton, PhD, CTA, Editor & Publisher

This is the first time I have posted an advertisement for selling a newsletter, but this advertisement contains some hard truths, told in an effective fashion by a fearless storyteller, David Stockman, who was the US budget director under Ronald Reagan and is sometimes called the father of Reaganomics. While I think Stockman has cut some of the truth here, I admire his courage in telling it like it is in most cases in this article using blunt no-nonsense language. What he does not spell out enough here in my opinion is that Reagan “voodoo” economics, so-described by Bush I, was a dismal failure.

The Reagan administration tripled the federal debt in eight years, by far the largest percentage increase of federal debt of any peacetime president in US history, proving beyond a reasonable doubt that simultaneously significantly cutting the income taxes of the rich while significantly increasing military expenditures for the poor, not only does not work, but is disastrous from a macro economics fiscal standpoint.

And Stockman waxes simplistic about the evils of socialism and the virtues of capitalism. Capitalism is inherently undependable and untrustworthy for many people, producing inevitable disasters from time to time, turning whole economies into the equivalent of individual humans suffering from manic-depressive emotional and behavior disorders. And socialism as commonly conceived while also undependable and untrustworthy is not as evil as Stockman implies. The bottom line is that no economic system to date has been fully successful for all humans around Spaceship Earth.

For my view on what to do about the Earthian economic system read my article, “The Evolution of Spaceship Earth Incorporated.”

Nevertheless, here is David Stockman’s magnum newsletter sales pitch on what is wrong with the US economy and what you should do about it now, which I agree with in most cases:

The Real Cause of the Coming Market Crash

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