Recommendations for Waking Up from the American Nightmare

By Richard John Stapleton

Recommendations For Waking Up From The American Nightmare is my ebook showing how to attack the root causes of economic troubles in the US using a dialectical democratic case method discussion process I used 35 years as a business professor.

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I am convinced the root cause of American economic troubles is political, economic, religious and social polarization among US voters who since 1980 have voted into office polarized politicians out to feather their own nests and promote idiosyncratic economic interests, beliefs, values, dogmas, doctrines and ideologies.  These politicians have been bought and paid for by the elite rich and large corporations who funded their political campaigns who require lower taxes and other favors in return, regardless of what is best for voters not having the sense to vote in their own interests.

Polarized politicians since 1980 voted for or against legislation based on their predetermined economic interests, ideologies, dogmas and doctrines, not the facts of cases, resulting in the deadlocked dysfunctional government we have today.

Recommendations For Waking Up From the American Nightmare advocates more dialectical democratic case method discussions among people from all walks of life in more and more Town Hall Meetings to foster more discussion of facts of cases and their logical solutions, resulting in more voters concerned about the facts of cases and inducing logical conclusions, resulting in the election of rational politicians voting to do the right thing for we the people based on the facts of cases, not predetermined idiosyncratic ideologies, economic interests, beliefs, values, dogmas, doctrines, etc.

In order for this to happen some process must be devised to bring polarized US citizens together to discuss face-to-face in a serious civil manner relevant political, economic, and environmental problems.

The book describes and explains a recommended dialectical democratic case method process and offers policies I have recommended in published writings for managing the US economy in the short and long run, based on the facts of the case since 1980.  These policies are offered as a basis for discussion, not as absolute truth, to foster the creation of better policies acceptable to a majority of US citizens.

I am convinced Republican neoconservative and Democratic neoliberal ideologies inflicted on the US economy since 1980 are major causes of the economic problems we have today; and, while I am not overly impressed with the Obama administration since 2009 I think this administration has been less harmful than Reagan and Bush II.

I recommended reelecting the neoliberal Obama administration in 2012, being convinced they charted and piloted better policies and courses than those applied and recommended by Republican neoconservatives, such as Reagan, Bush II, Romney and Ryan.

I thought electing Romney-Ryan would be disastrous, leading to a federal debt explosion within three years similar to the debt explosion the US experienced when Ronald Regan started his “voodoo”, deficits-do-not-matter economics, in 1980, and Bush II invaded Iraq in 2003, a debt explosion possibly causing this time federal debt defaults and/or repudiations within ten years, creating chaos and abject depression, possibly culminating over time in a civil war between the US upper class and what used to be the US middle class, in a war reminiscent of the French Revolution of 1789 and the Spanish Civil War of 1936.

Recommendations for Waking Up From the American Nightmare was published on October 19, 2012.

I recommended amending the US Constitution as soon as possible to eradicate Citizens United of 2010, the absurd and abominable 5-4 Supreme Court case in which five predetermined Republican judges ruled corporations are people with free speech, entitled to spend as much money as they wish buying propaganda in mainstream media to influence federal elections in their favor, at the expense of we the people.

I recommend the proposed United States Voters’ Rights Amendment (USVRA) at, asking readers to sign up as a supporter to get in the habit of doing democratic things to help foster an American awakening.

The Obama administration has been a disappointment, having done little to correct the basic financial and fiscal problems of the US, reduce the global military activities of the military-industrial complex, and create good jobs for the middle and lower classes.

I was a strong advocate of Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primaries until he dropped out, at which time I switched to Jill Stein of the Green Party.  Stein’s platform agrees with my Recommendations more than any politician I have found.

Assuming Trump gets inaugurated as president after winning the 2016 election thanks to the obsolete Electoral College, all bets are off for the future.

Interestingly, Trump has recommended one of my major recommendations in my Recommendations ebook: creating infrastructure jobs to create livable jobs for the lower and middle classes.  Good luck on getting this implemented.  Obama also recommended this, but he did not strike while the iron was hot soon after he got in office when Democrats had a majority in both houses of Congress.  After nihilist Repubs got control of the House and Senate they sabotaged any hope for real improvement in the economy.  Whether they will go along with Trump on infrastructure jobs now remains to be seen.

The problem is Trump advocates significantly cutting taxes again for the rich, just like Reagan and Bush II did, while borrowing and creating more digital money to finance the increased spending for infrastructure jobs, making another futile attempt at “trickle-down” economics.  I advocated significantly raising the after loophole tax rate of the elite rich, the upper one percent, back to where our wisest ancestors set it before 1980, to seventy percent or so, and using the proceeds for funding infrastructure projects.   Our wisest ancestors knew we have to have progressive income tax rates to prevent income inequality from destroying the economy.

Most likely Trump will increase military spending while I recommended seriously cutting military expenses.

While the Obama administration increased the federal debt about nine trillion dollars over eight years (which is a lot of so-called money, if you stop to think about it), they reduced the yearly deficit by about fifty percent, a bad enough record, but a vast improvement from Bush II.

Trump’s recommendations, assuming he does what he said he wanted to do, will significantly increase the yearly budget deficit and significantly increase the rate of increase of the total debt, causing the deficit and debt to explode astronomically, most likely enough to seriously jeopardize the fiscal viability of the government, probably causing the rate of increase in the US federal debt to accelerate as much as Reagan and Bush II did.

Obama significantly lowered the rate of deficit and debt increase, as bad as his overall record was dealing with the money and banking system and the fiscal affairs of the US government, leaving the US in what appears to be decent financial and economic shape in 2016 after eight years, when it reality in many ways it is in worse shape now than when he took over.  The US economy is now built on and fueled by debt, not real economic growth in terms of real production, and it could fall off an economic cliff at any time.  More and more US citizens have fallen prey to parasitical money and banking policies and practices.

Thanks to Trump’s “victory” the US now faces more threats than ever.

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