By Richard John Stapleton

Trump had the better bullshit given the intelligence of US voters and the US electoral college.

And now we have no choice but to suck it up and get on with it.

Let us pray now that they are in power that Trump and his fundamentalist cronies might accidentally do more good than harm for everyone aboard Spaceship Earth.

Which is what we would have had to pray had Hillary won, or had Bennie Sanders won, or had Jill Stein won.

ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, is probably the most unfair, pernicious, and egregious right-wing organization in the US, presumably only concerned about the US of America–not Canada, Central America, and South America–set against true democracy for we the people of all countries.

It’s funded by the Koch Brothers, Exxon, and Big Pharma.

They provide state legislators in the US free meals, drinks, lodging, and entertainment at luxury resorts for conferences at which ALEC experts give them legislation they have drafted for the so-called legislators to enact in their state legislatures.

This is probably the most effective top-down fascist organization run by the rich in the world, a descendant of the John Birch Society in the US.

If it gets what it wants, listed in the article below by Simon Davis-Cohen, like all fundamentalists, such as the Taliban in Afghanistan, and ISIS, they will set the US back economically, culturally, and democratically two hundred years, and they will probably usher in another Great Depression, a depression greater in terms of human suffering than the depression of the 1930’s.

They are hell bent for leather on achieving their goals, having been at it since the 1950s.

We the people of Spaceship Earth can only pray that saner and wiser spirits in the US and worldwide can somehow muster enough countervailing power to thwart them.

Unfortunately, corporate and elite rich money talks much louder than words from the mouths of ordinary human beings.

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The Right Wing: Corporate America Is Inching Even Closer to a Constitutional Convention

In statehouses across the country, ALEC-backed legislators are pushing for a balanced-budget amendment, a repeal of the federal income tax and more.

By Simon Davis-Cohen / In These Times

January 26, 2017

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